• How to display Internal Standard (ISTD) value on Intelligent Report

    Hi, I am wondering if there is a way to display the ISTD value on an Intelligent Report inside a table as a column (the same way I could see other values such as Peak area, Peak height, etc.)? For example, if I am a...
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  • Group Amount Calculation Intelligent Report

    Hi! I need to use the mass amount of the group to use it in the Intelligent report. One option that occurred to me was to add the individual compounds and use the sum but I would like to know if there is a more direc...
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  • Group Amount Calculation Intelligent Report

    Hi!  I need to use the mass amount of the group to use it in the Intelligent report. One option that occurred to me was to add the individual compounds and use the sum but I would like to know if there is a...
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  • How to Calculate Limit of Detection | 3 SD without Blank

    This video provides a guideline on How To Calculate Limit Of Detection based on 3 standard deviation approach in which a blank is not valid using both Excel and Openlab Chemstation Intelligent Report.   How to C...
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  • Using two conditionals

    Hello,I am using the following conditional   (First conditional)* =iif(Min(Resultados(Compound_Name))/VD*100>Choose(1,Split(EspecificacionesPorcentaje,"-")) and Max(Resultados(Compound_Name))/VD*100<Choos...
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  • Calculate Limit of Detection using 3 Standard Deviation Approach

    Hi, check out this video to see how Openlab Chemstation Intelligent Reporting automatically calculates limit of detection using 3 standard deviation approach.   How to Calculate Limit of Detection | 3 SD with Bl...
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  • MassHunter TIC Analysis

    I'm using MassHunter Quant 10.0. Under Library Search Reports - TIC Library Search Report is where I start for TIC analysis, which will open the unknown analysis software and then I can further modify. But I found out...
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  • Collection of OpenLab CDS Resources

    Here is a "best of" collection of links to manuals and tools for OpenLab CDS on Agilent.com, for Chemstation edition, see Collection of OpenLab CDS ChemStation Resources. For other software and instruments, refer to C...
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  • Combine Peak Area results into a master document

    Hi,   I have to recalculate a lot of data (like 1000 single runs) and I know how to recalculate all of these using a new method, but I cant figure out how to write all of the peak area results to one column in t...
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  • Beispiel erwünscht für eine funktionierende bedingte Formatierung (conditional formatting) beim IR

    Hallo, könnte mir bitte jemand ein funktionierendes Beispiel für eine bedingte Formatierung nennen. Es wurden verschiedene Wege versucht (mit Value "True", =True, (True), =1 usw.). Alle führen zu der Fe...
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  • Open lab chemstation reporting of Mass found

    How can I report Found Masses in a table in Openlab reporting version A.01.10.128 using OpenLab Chemstation edition c.1.07? I tried several things without success: I added a filter with expression =Signal_Name contain...
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  • How to Change the Numbers and Data Graph Scale in OpenLAB Reports?

    I need help in the report appearance, I'm using Biochrom 30+ for Amino Acid Analysis and OpenLAB Control Panel from Agilent. I need specific features in the printed report. I tried to modify the appearance b...
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  • How do I calculate total sugar from SUM area?

    Hi, how do I calculate total sugar in openlab? Here is my sequence summary report. I have sugar standard for Mannitol, Raffinose, Fructose, Sorbitol, Sucrose, Glucose. My previous co-worker seems to calculate total su...
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  • Deconvolution in reports

    I would like to have Chemstation automatically generate reports for my LC-MS runs including UV and MS chromatograms, MS-spectra of peaks including deconvolution, and integration results of the UV chromatogram. And I s...
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  • Masshunter Report Template Error

    The error is I am Able to Edit and Save report template with company logo on Custom sample report template (Report Designer). But while Taking print out the Report does not print company logo on Masshunter 4.5
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  • summary calculation, customs fields, OpenLab C.01.06

    Hello everyone, the average value of amount should be calculated with the default formula of the summary calculation and presented in the IR template. The single value of amount was calculated from the compo...
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  • How can I add timed group (isomers) in the OpenLAB Intelligent Report?

    How can I add timed group (isomers) in the OpenLAB Intelligent Report  for the printed version, ty!
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  • Issue from calculation in intelligent report

    Hello everybody,   I would like create a calculation using several variable created in a new intelligent report. Firstly, I have created new values as variable. These variables are built using a singlefie...
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  • Summary Table for Custom Calculation Result

    Hi,    I have a repeating group for calculating Assay and Impurities of samples based on a standard injections. The assay and impurities is a custom formula in the intelligent report. I would like to create...
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  • Intelligent report - SEC help

    Hello,    I am trying to generate a streamlined intelligent report in OpenLab where we can capture all peaks of our SEC gel filtration standard in a single table and be able to evaluate APD Pass/Fail for ea...
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