• Constants file .txt encoding

    Hi, I am creating a .txt file to reference in a Constants file in a CC and would like to know if there is a specific .txt encoding that should be used. The options for saving the .txt file are UTF-8, UTF-8 with BOM, A...
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  • % impurity

    If I have a injection sequence of blank, standard, sample 1, sample 2, how can I calculate the area % of peaks in my sample injections in respect to my standard injection?   as an example:   Area of Compou...
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  • Reporting the average of not detected peaks

    Dear All!   My problem is: I've got two parrallel injections for a sample, sample_1 and sample_2. In the first one, there are Peak A B C, but the other has only the A and C. I have to report the avera...
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  • Calculate RSD on alternating injections

    Hello,   I want the be able to calculate the RSD of our reference injections, but we need to do it each time with a different injection. I'm out of inspiration to get them grouped together. This is the situation...
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  • Custom calculator not working with empty or NULL value

    I am using the Custom Calculator and have a simple calculation, but when one of the values passed into the equation is empty, nothing is displayed.   In the specific screenshot example below, There is a value fo...
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  • reporting pooled results with unknown number of samples

    HI there, I'm looking to report pooled precision from sequences but do not know how many samples wil be run. The sequence takes the format: inj/vial Blank 1 CAL 1-6 1 Precision (Cal 3) 6 Sample 1-5 1 Precision 2 (C...
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  • Custom Calculation Formula

    I want to create a custom calculation to determine the normalized concentration of a peak relative to the other peaks in the chromatogram. For example: The 4 peaks I have are methanol, ethanol, Isooctane, and Heptane ...
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  • Response Factor Calculation

    Hello again, I had some questions regarding how the response factor is calculated within the OpenLab Chemstation software. I am utilizing the Agilent GC 7890A and whenever I run a sequence the response factor either ...
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  • Calculation in Open Labs

    Hello,   I had a fallow up question, to my previous post.     Calculation in Open Labs   I want to take the Factor ( 1.96 ) * =(SumAmt) 1.97 * 79.292 = 156.2 How to calculate the Factor = (C...
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  • Summary Table for Custom Calculation Result

    Hi,    I have a repeating group for calculating Assay and Impurities of samples based on a standard injections. The assay and impurities is a custom formula in the intelligent report. I would like to create...
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  • Link or embed ccf.?

    Is it best to link or embed custom calculation files?
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  • How can I put Relative RT on the chromatogram?!

    How can I put relative RT on the chromatogram?! Added from annotation it looks like are all 0.000; I don't know to establish reference peak. My version of soft is
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  • (OpenLab version 2.2) How do I truncate digits in custom fields?

    I've successfully created a custom field that spits out the % active in the sample I've tested, but it goes out to something like 20 decimal places, which is far too many. For some reason, the ""Numeric precision" opt...
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  • Peak area ratio in current injection

    How do you calculate peak area ratio in the current injection for intelligent report?
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  • OpenLAB Custom Calculator

    After running a GC sequence which generates data for blanks, standards, method blank and samples - I would like to subtract the area for a particular compound or timed group for the method blank from each of the sampl...
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  • OpenLab 2.3

    #Re openlab cds 2.x After running a GC sequnece which generates data for blanks, standards, method blank and samples - I would like to subtract the area for a particular compound or timed group for the method blank ...
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  • How to use Compound_ResponseCorrectionFactor in reporting

    Hello I am trying to calculate the content of impurities (know and unknown) based on normalized internally area %. where RRFi stand for response correction factor as a part of Compounds/Calibration table . As ...
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  • Access to external file

    Dear All!   Is it possible to Access to an external file from openlab via CC? For exmple I want to read a specified line from a plain text file and use the value in a calculation or put that into the report...
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  • Value format in a Table that reports a Custom Calculation

    Hi I am reporting the RT and output from the following CC in Openlab 2.3 in 2 columns in a table =if(ROUND(CCR((Compound_CustomCalculationResults),"CC1"),3)>=0.035,ROUND(CCR((Compound_CustomCalculationResults),"C...
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  • Chemstation ISTD Area Percent Report Calculation in CDS 2.3

    Hello,   Recently one of our client moved form Chemstation Ver B.02.01 to OpenLab CDS 2.3 Customer was using an method which has all ISTD & Calibration Curve information in Chemstation Method. Now This Custo...
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