• Issue with calibration curve not appearing

    I can see the calibration peaks but nothing appears on the curve 
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  • Fast User Switching with OpenLab CDS

    Hi all, We had an installation of OpenLab CDS 2.1 running as client server model.  We recently upgraded this to OpenLab 2.5, provisioned a new server, migrated the data and reinstalled OpenLab on all clients and...
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  • Multiplier and Dilution factors OpenLab-Chemstation

    hello everyone,   OpenLab Chemstation offers up to 5 Multipliers and 5 dilutions factors. How can I enter/split  the values in the sequence table? It does not work with a "Semi Colon" sign, e...
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  • Ion extract/Sequence insert - Openlab

    Dear Sirs,   Could you please help some points in Openlab CDS:   1- How to save ion extract with method in offline software. As daily we process from method to method data analysis but need import/type ion...
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  • E-signature levels for users in multiple groups

    Hi, We are using 2 level e-signatures in a project, level 1 enforced before level 2, level 1 has been assigned Analyst user group and level 2 Data Reviewer.  We have no issues with users who are members of only ...
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  • How to integrate merged peaks in OpenLab CDS

    Agilent Support Engineer Insights   This Information Applies To: OpenLab CDS 2.X   Issue: How to integrate non-ideally separated peaks starting above the zero baseline in OpenLab CDS?   Resolution:...
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  • Capillary Electrophoresis

    Hi Agilent Community,   Can you do more software tutorials on CE?    Some topics to include are as follows:  Setting up method, setting up a single calibration with an external standard, data an...
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  • quantification - showing ND when no peak is detected

    Hi, i have a question. I am busy with creating a new reporting template in openlabs 2 (inspired by a few templates and also the excel file we use now). We would like to convert the excel file into a IR so that we do ...
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  • Dry weight recalculation

    Hello, could you help me with recalculating of concentration on dry weight in OpenLab CDS 2.5?  I added loss on drying as sample custom parameter, but do not know to use it in custom calculation formu...
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  • Multipliers in the Cal Table

    Hi!   Is it possible to show a compound's multiplier in the report? I can't find any way  Maybe with some revererse engineering :  from the ratio of the cal curve' slope and the calibration amount...
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  • Beispiel erwünscht für eine funktionierende bedingte Formatierung (conditional formatting) beim IR

    Hallo, könnte mir bitte jemand ein funktionierendes Beispiel für eine bedingte Formatierung nennen. Es wurden verschiedene Wege versucht (mit Value "True", =True, (True), =1 usw.). Alle führen zu der Fe...
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  • Peak summing in OpenLab CDS?

    In OpenLab ChemStation I could add a timed group of peaks together using peak summing in the calibration table and then have it print on the report.  How do I complete this same set of function in OpenL...
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  • I can not delete methods

    Hello, Can you help me? I have  OpenLab 2 in Russian languages, but I can not delete methods. Key "delete" is no active. I Have access admin. I attach screenshots  to the letter. 
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  • OpenLab CDS Certificate of Analysis

    Hello Everyone,   All samples are being tested now in triplicate(3x sample preparations, not injections).  I am producing a CoA right now which shows each preparations results + the average.  Any advic...
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  • Subtracting blank and then saving

    Hello I am doing some configurations of my sample runs and want to be able to have the blank subtracted. I understand how to subtract the blank but how can I then save the resulting chromatogram? Ideally, I think, I ...
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  • Upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Is Masshunter and Chemstation compatible?

    Hello,   Our lab is planning to upgrade several of our workstation PC's from Windows 7 to Windows 10. I would like to know if software would be compatible with Windows 10.   Here is a list of the Agilent P...
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  • gradient instrument blank no injection

    Hi, I used the no injection instrument blank with a gradient method and was expecting the method to run through the changing mobile phase gradient but it stayed at the gradient starting conditions. Is this to be expe...
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  • Reporting the average of not detected peaks

    Dear All!   My problem is: I've got two parrallel injections for a sample, sample_1 and sample_2. In the first one, there are Peak A B C, but the other has only the A and C. I have to report the avera...
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  • How do I rename samples after they've already been run in Openlab CDS?

    Specifically the sample names, but also data file names if possible.
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  • management of single HPLC machine

    HI I am using OL2 v 2.3 and I would like to ask whether there is kind of report to evaluate the management of single HPLC machine connected in the network within a certain time of period. Thanks in advance for the...
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