• “Set ReplicationSource error”?

    Hey all,   We purchased an Agilent Infinity II LC a while ago and had agilent team members on site to complete all of the software/hardware set up and IQOQ qualifications.  It’s been a few months sinc...
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  • What type of OpenLAB CDS Chemstation or EZChrom tutorial videos would you like to see on Agilent Community?

    I would like to know what types of Video tutorials or Instruction documents you would like to see on Agilent Community.  These can be for OpenLAB CDS Chemstation or OpenLAB CDS EZChrom. 
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  • Which is the data file folder on the OpenLab V2.4 software?

     Which is the data file folder on the OpenLab V2.4 software? For data backup and contingency purposes, which are the folders that needs to be continuously backup?
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  • "No sample Tray" error on sampler G1329B (LC1260 infinity)

    Hi, We are currently experiencing an abnormal issue with autosampler G1329B configured for a 100 vial sample tray. We restarted the software, computer and even ran LabAdvisor Diagnostics but no success. Probably as sh...
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  • Computer Maintenance

    One of the hardest working components of your analytical instrument is the computer. It is also one of the most overlooked when it comes to proper maintenance. Our call centers at Agilent are often contacted with issu...
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  • Tips on posting in the Software forum.

    Greetings Community Members, In the Agilent Community Software forum all questions are welcome and encouraged. To encourage engagement of community members we suggest those who post should include as much detail as t...
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  • AgilentLabAdvisor.msi B.02.09 [195]

    What's New in Lab Advisor B.02.09   Agilent Lab Advisor B.02.09 adds the following features: Tests, calibrations, tools and instrument controls for the Agilent 1290 Infinity II LC modules/1260 Infinity II L...
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