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Dear Sirs,   Could you please help some points in Openlab CDS:   1- How to save ion extract with method in offline software. As daily we process from method to method data analysis but need import/type ion extract in every switch.   2- When the sequence is running, I cannot type the injection number for sample inserted.   Thank you for your… (Show more)
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Hi all, We had an installation of OpenLab CDS 2.1 running as client server model.  We recently upgraded this to OpenLab 2.5, provisioned a new server, migrated the data and reinstalled OpenLab on all clients and AICs.  All ran smoothly until we noticed a minor issue after project close out:  the installation of OL on the clients and AICs has… (Show more)
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Hi, We are using 2 level e-signatures in a project, level 1 enforced before level 2, level 1 has been assigned Analyst user group and level 2 Data Reviewer.  We have no issues with users who are members of only one of the groups, but for users who are members of both groups they cannot sign off on level 1 (e-signature icon greyed out), when the… (Show more)
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Click to view contentHi! Is there a way I can apply what is indicated in this topic, to my GC/MS Acquistion MassHunter Workstation software?   See topic in next link: How Do I Setup Automation in MassHunter Quantitative Analysis? | Agilent      I've been looking for some options to do this in the software but the most related ones, are these, but not sure how to… (Show more)
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Click to view contentAgilent Support Engineer Insights   This Information Applies To: OpenLab CDS 2.X   Issue: How to integrate non-ideally separated peaks starting above the zero baseline in OpenLab CDS?   Resolution: Integrating merged peaks is a classical challenge in chromatography in case two compounds cannot be fully separated. This post outlines some key steps…
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Click to view contentCan i use the Universal integrator in the Unknowns analysis which was used in chemstation? so  i can get the same  integration result for the same TIC spectrum. Thanks!  
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Hi Agilent Community,   Can you do more software tutorials on CE?    Some topics to include are as follows:  Setting up method, setting up a single calibration with an external standard, data analysis.      Thank you!
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I am new to Chemstation and have mostly worked with Empower.  I am having a hard time finding any information how to set a runtime for methods (I am running on Agilent 1100 HPLC).  In empower you set run time by putting the time in the sequence for each injection but I don't see that option in chemstation.  Every help video I find seems to just… (Show more)
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Hello everyone   I was trying to activate advanced file security for a reinstalled OpenLAB CDS EzChrom Edition version A.04.09. The computer had already the software with the AFS but it had to be formatted completely. When I reinstalled the software and put the backup data (Enterprise Folder)  back in the PC, I tried to activate AFS but ther… (Show more)
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Our lab just got a GC/MS-FID installed and we are using MSD Chemstation data analysis instead of mass hunter. However, is there a way to only integrate the GC-FID tic and not the tic used for mass spec? (I hope that makes since) Or is it set up to integrate all GC tics in the data file? (Again, hopefully that makes since!)   See attached file.… (Show more)
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