• Captiva EMR Cartdrige preconditioning

    I know that before loading a Capitva EMR cartridge 20% water should be added to an acetonitrile extract but I have found in this paper "Fast and Sensitive Quantification of D9-Tetrahydrocannabinol and Its Main...
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  • Jojoba Oil - Has anyone successfully removed Fatty Alcohols from Fatty Acids prior to BF3 in FAME reaction?

    Working in small volumes - Jojoba oil breaks into free fatty acids and fatty alcohols after the -OH reaction.  The fatty alcohols remain through the process untouched and end up in the chromatography.  How c...
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  • Pesticides in animal feed by Quechers for GC/MS

    Hi,   We are developing and validating a method for presides in animal feed (so potentially high fat) for GC/MS. Which of the Quechers test kit and method do people recommend for this?   Thanks
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  • Can I use EMR-LIPID in cocoa beans for GC-MSMS analysis of pesticides? What is the amount of sample to weigh to extract with acetonitrile?  Is it necessary to add water to the sample before doing the extraction with acetonitrile?

    They are ane app note about that?
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  • What SPE to use to clean up sesame oil from de sample in hormone injetable?

    My sample are made by sesame oil, estratio enanthate and algestrone. I extract API with acetonitrile and methanol with good recovery, but if many durty peaks from sesame oil. I would like to clean up the sample befor...
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  • 7693A Help

    I have both a 7693A ALS and a 7696A workbench. When I bought the 7693A I was told that the programing for the mixing steps would look the same as for the 7696A programming yet that in not correct. Currently in Ma...
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  • What filters should I use for extracting sugars from tobacco samples?

    What filters would you recommend for extracting sugars from tobacco samples?   The tobacco is diluted in either water or 25%ethanol.
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  • Syringe filter (5191-5912, 5191-5913)

    Hi Community, can your help me, I don’t find information about syringe filters 5191-5912, 5191-5913. This filters can use with aggressive organic solvents? This filters non-sterile? This filters nonpolar...
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  • Dear Agilent team, I was wondering if you maybe have some information on using  Enhanced Matrix Removal - Lipid kit (EMR-Lipid) for lipid separation in brain homogenate? As brain homogenate has a lot of lipids and proteins, the Signal-to-Noise ratio when

    Dear Agilent team, do you maybe have some information on using  Enhanced Matrix Removal - Lipid kit (EMR-Lipid) for lipid separation in brain homogenate (eg. prepared in ratio 1:9 in PBS).  As brain homoge...
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  • Bond Elut EMR-Lipid dispersive SPE

    Hi Community, can you help me, what sorbent uses Agilent in Bond Elut EMR-Lipid dispersive SPE (example:5982-1010)?    Thanks.
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  • Syringe filter

    Hello, what maximum operating pressure for Syringe filter, PTFE-HI, 13 mm, 0.45 µm (5191-5917) and Captiva Premium Syringe Filter, polypropylene housing, PTFE membrane, 15 mm diameter, 0.45 µm pore size (5...
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  • What SPE cartridge to use? (different polarity separation)

    Hello i have a 95% purity liquid sample (i would call this COMPOUND A), with an average polarity. I have in it this 2% impurity (I would call it COMPOUND B) , less polar.   What kind of SPE I can use to separa...
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  • Hello, chromatographers, can i have any SOP Available to compare with  my SOP

    GCMS Details:  GC 7890A (US14373003)  MSMS 7000C (US1438T303)
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  • FASTq Demo .

    FASTq Demo. I was looking for a source to obtain FASTq files for the panel focused exome panel from Agilent. I had to use https://earray.chem.agilent.com/suredesign/home.htm to obtain the bed files but FASTA to FASTq ...
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