• GC-MS/MS instrument control error -software

    Greetings from Portugal! I have a GCQQQ / US1335T001 MS model 7000 C device, which is reporting the attached error .(intrument control not initialize propely..)..after a colleague me freed up space on the C disk that...
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  • Can't connect to QToF (6545)

    Hi, We are having trouble connecting to our 6545 QToF (our LC is the 1290). We can start MassHunter Acquisition but if doesn't register that it's connected to the machine and can't issue commands (e.g. turning on the...
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  • intermittent electronic noise on a 5975C MSD

    When I do a full scan in manual tune I get a bunch of  electronic noise starting around mass 500.   I know it has something to do with the analyzer.  I cleaned the source and was able to swap the a...
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  • Difficulty with the HED supply "error, MS fault 2  2 

    Am having the above error message on agilent 5975 MSD whiles checking for Air and water. The process cannot continue and had to shutdown the instrument without venting. Though I suspect the HED power supply, I would l...
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  • How to solve error 2.6 Accelerator focus high voltage fault?

    During conditioning of the GC-Q-TOF 7200 the message "2.6 Accelerator focus high voltage fault" appear. What I do?
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  • OPENLABs Offline version doe not work at all

    hello the LCMS offline app (OPENLAB CDS) does not boot. it gets stuck indicating "Initializing: Startup Macros" (attached screenshot).  I have restarted the computer many times. did open and close the Online ve...
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  • High voltage and filament drive faults on 7200B QTOF

    Our 7200B GC-QTOF shutdown overnight the other day. When we came back to the lab, it showed the following faults: 5.31 Main board #1 shutdown 7.5 Filament drive timeout 7.30 Main board #2 internal shutdown 7.31 Ma...
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  • BFB Autotune

    We have an older 5975C running Chemstation acquisition G1701EA E.02.00.493. This version did not contain the BFB Autotune tuning program. Our other 5975C the same age had this added by an Agilent tech a few month...
    created by elisteve
  • My tune reports on my GC 6890N/5973 MSD have been really noisy/low sensitivity. My source is clean and I don't know what else it could be. Leak maybe?

    I made the mistake of doing a standard tune multiple times instead of an auto-tune and I know this lowers the sensitivity according to the hardware manual. Could this be the source? If so, how can I fix it? 
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  • Agilent 5975 MSD tuning evaluation issue

    I did auto tuning for Agilent 5975 MSD and found the following message" ratio of mass 219 to 69 should be >40% and is 33.1%, low" in tune evaluation report. Everything else is ok. The instrument runs ok. What does ...
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  • Multimode source (Agilent) issue

    We have an Agilent multimode source (APCI-ES, 6120b) on our HPLC/MS. Hadn't used the system in a while and we are currently experiencing a complete flatline when running samples in ES mode (both negative and positive)...
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  • Unusual increase of "noise" at irregular time intervals after cleaning the ion source of QQQ 7000

    Hello,   after cleaning the ion source of our QQQ 7000, the measurements show an unusual increase of "noise" at irregular time intervals of the run, as shown in the attached image. This was also observ...
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  • MSD

    Instrument cannot Pump down because there's oil in the hose.
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  • Bad Autotune of 7010B - Due to electronical problems?

    Dear Community, the Autotune of my 7010B runs quite bad. The ramp plots (entrance lens, extractor, ion body, ion focus, post extractor) are scraggy. The mass peaks are fronting. In addition the GC-Runs are not repro...
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  • Anomaly in Profinder?

    Hi, I'm wondering what's causing this anomaly I'm observing in Profinder (v08) using Batch Targeted Feature Extraction. In some of the compound groups generated, it is extracting and showing incorrect EICs.   F...
    created by quarksome
  • [Masshunter 4.4 Workstation] Data Analysis doesn't start

    Hi everyone,   The 'Data Analysis' software, part of Masshunter 4.4 Workstation is not working anymore on the computer managing our ICPMS 7800. It simply doesn't start. The Offline version is not working at all ...
    created by sterl
  • Two Issues: 1)Inverted TIC?  2) How to include m/2z in conjunction with PCDL?

    1) Not sure why I'm seeing an inverted TIC trace in qual data analysis.   2) Quite a few compounds in my PCDL can have one, two and three charges.  How do include these species?   Any help with t...
    created by mark
  • QTOF source will not heat up

    We have just switched our GC-QTOF back on after shutdown following Covid-19. As expected the system is taking a while to get to vacuum as it has been vented for 2 months (it has reached 9.1e-7 after vac down over the ...
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  • No spectra is being displayed - 6520B QTOF

    Hi everyone,  i am trying to reinstall an old 6520B QTOF, which been down for 2 years. Vacuum and HV Condition passed. The status of the Instrument is on "green". Only the Readback values of Vapor/SG Temp ...
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  • Hi-vacuum gauge turning off intermittently/error code:[69][133][159][223]

    Hi, I wanted to share my experience with QTOF 5630 having hi-vacuum gauge turning off intermittently.  To tell the conclusion, it was because of the low pressure of the nitrogen generator. Thanks to the Agilent ...
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