• 7200B QTOF does not turn on TOF Vac

    Hi! We recently vented our system in order to change the column. However, now the system does not turn on the TOF vac. Rough pump and quad. are at normal levels, all turbopumps at 100% speed. But TOF just says "Off"....
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  • Agilent 7200A QTOF Emission Current Tuning High

    Hi all, following a column change we decided it was about time to clean the ion source (given that it had been a few months since cleaning, not that we were seeing a significant drop in sensitivity).   Since cle...
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  • Best option for short-term shutdown of LCMS Q-TOF 6545

    Hello Community, I'm running an LCMS Q-TOF 6545 and am expecting a full power shutdown for several hours during which there will likely be an uninterrupted nitrogen supply. What is the recommended...
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  • Time out reading APG controller, Chemstation GC7890A, MS5795C

    -310,"({AIH}):Timeout waiting for APG RCI ready.",5201,"({AIH}):Time out reading APG controller interrupt cause" and -310 , "({SP00}MASK4;): APG RCI controller hardware not connected or not present." I received the...
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    Found Calibration data error of ORSEPC ..any insight about this error message shown in AGILENT ICP-MS 7800?
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  • Has anyone experience this error message after the tune (Tuneplot invalid row index: 500 must be between 0 and 499

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  • What does it mean when the Rel abundance displays "NAN" during a DFTPP tune?

    What does it mean when the Relative Abundance displays "NaN" during a DFTPP tune?  
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  • GC-MSD Communications Error

    Hi there,    I've recently been having a problem with one of our GC-MSs losing connection at random.  The error in the MassHunter logbook is "Communications Error: Download Command Timed Out (MSC:SENS...
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  • Ghost peaks and sudden baseline shifts

    5975C MSD and 7890 GC. I am fairly new to GC-MS and am having issues with my baseline. I have recently begun seeing ghost peaks and sudden baseline shifts after replacing a column. I did inlet maintenance an...
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  • How do I change my autotune temperature settings?

    I'm using a 7890/5975 with an inert ion source - my methods and manual tune utilize a source temperature above 300 degrees and I want to match my autotune to that as well. Currently if I want to autotune, my MS d...
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  • How to coarse tune Varian MS-320 series LCMS

    So our computer died.  finally able to get codes and instal workstation 6.93.  Cannot get it to autotune as we need to coarse tune first.  Manuals say 'servcie use only', agilent tech support says no se...
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  • modes work TQ

    Hello, I have one question, into 3Q ms/ms spectrometer use several modes works. for example SRM, MRM, dMRM mode and SCAN MS1 or SCAN MS2. If I work into SCAN MS2 or SCAN MS1 mode then in what state at this time anoth...
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  • Is a large drop in Max Gain Factor over a short time normal?

    I had been messing around with the custom tune settings on my GC-QQQ trying to pass a DFTPP tune check without completely destroying my sensitivity. While I was looking at my last several tune reports, I noticed that ...
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  • Cooling water temp/flow related errors on 7700x

    Hello, A user in our lab encountered some cooling water errors last week during a session that shutdown the plasma on our 7700x and I have not been able to overcome them after many attempts today.    Error...
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  • How to clear HMPA contamination in 6120 Quadrupole LCMS?

    We ran two HMPA containing samples on our LCMS and now have consistent and reproducible ~180 (M) and ~360 (2M) peaks show up in the spectra.  Tried running blanks, changing carrier solvent polarity - did not help...
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  • Extractor lens error message when performing Autotune on 5977HES MSD

    Hi, I am using a 5977HES MSD. When I perform a Quick Tune, everything is fine but when I perform a normal High Efficiency Source Autotune I get an error message (extractor lens may not be connected).  I joined a ...
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  • Opening DAD-only data files in Qual 10.0

    Hello,   We are running MH Acquisition 9.0 on a 6545 QTOF system with 1260 Inifinity II DAD. Some users only need DAD data, so we have set the QTOF method with LC to "Waste" and Data Storage to "None" ...
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  • MSD lowest parameters for leak searching

    Hi all,   I need to switch column every 2 weeks on a GC (7890B) / MS (5977A). The first time I did it, I had a leak in the system and I had to vent it again to fix it (o-ring of the vent valve). This took time...
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  • there is no emission current

    Dear i am using a gc/ms 5975C inert xl ei/ci msd. all the filament i m using is giving me these information 'there is no emission current' just after 2 hours of using a new filament. please can any body help me to ch...
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  • Autone problems 5975- peak width large

    Autone problems 5975   I replace the electromultiplier due the lack of abundance (the filmanents are new too- all components from agilent), but I have problems in autone . problem reported " peaks width large". ...
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