• What is the identifier ion and quantifier ion in MS?

    What is the identifier ion and quantifier ion in MS? How can i identify the identifier and quantifier ion?
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  • Creatinine MRMs

    Hi, does anyone have some creatinine MRMs that work well for them. We have a urine screening method, and there's only one MRM for creatinine in the ForTox database supplied by Agilent (114/86.1). I'd like to have 2-3 ...
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  • How to inject different volumes indicated in sequence?

    Hi, I am working on an LC-MS single quad 6120b Running Open Lab CDS Chem Station. When I set a sequence there is a column called: 'injection volume'. If I set different volumes in different rows I expect to inject di...
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  • 7820A GC Thermal Aux Issue

    We have a 7820A GC / 5975 MSD GC/MS system that had been idle for several months.  Upon restarting it, the Aux Thermal 1 (transfer line heater) setting was yellow, and scrolling over, it showed an allowed T range...
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  • Peak area help needed

    I do not see peak area in LCMS 6420, instead I see response. Also, response is very low, I mean responses are in the range of 4000-5000, when I see in millions from other reported methods. Can someone help finding cor...
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  • Do I need to calibrate P/A factor when I replace 50ul nebulizer with a 20ul?

    Tool : ICP7700
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  • ESI gives error in every negative scan

    our MS instrument gives this error for the peaks in every negative scan "the specified register does not exist MSCalcPurity Error # 385!!!"  I highlighted it in yellow in the attached screenshot.  any ide...
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  • What causes the error Tune action stopped: MSD: Communication Error: Download command timed out...

    I seem to get this error periodically when I run the tune on our 5977B GCMSD high efficiency source.  Is there an issue with the system?  
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  • change the column gc/ms without stopped turbo pump

    Hello !! I have a question. how I can change the column in the gc/ms without stopped turbopump ? It is possible? regards Azrael ?
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  • GC-MS/MS instrument control error -software

    Greetings from Portugal! I have a GCQQQ / US1335T001 MS model 7000 C device, which is reporting the attached error .(intrument control not initialize propely..)..after a colleague me freed up space on the C disk that...
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  • How do I change my autotune temperature settings?

    I'm using a 7890/5975 with an inert ion source - my methods and manual tune utilize a source temperature above 300 degrees and I want to match my autotune to that as well. Currently if I want to autotune, my MS d...
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  • Binary code error and won't open MassHunter Quant Analysis

    For some reason a group of us can not open the Mass Hunter Quantitative analysis software. We keep an error code that says "Failed to open batch file. Failed to read binary batch file. We can't analyze any of our bin ...
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  • connecting two columns to a msd

    good day! I have a question. Can I connect two-column to an ms detector? can i use a tee? will it be safe for the turbo pump because the flow will increase?
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  • GC/MS Instrument fault detected 2.5 emission current controller

    Hi,   I am having problems with my GC/MS (7890B & 7000). Every time I try to autotune it, I get a message saying "instrument fault detected 2.5 emission current controller cannot regulate the requested setti...
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  • Agilent 7000A - MS Error 1.5

    Dear colleagues! Suddenly the new problem with our Agilent 7000A has appeared Instrument has worked quite intensively for a year in our laboratory (instrument has been bought refurbished 20 month ago). A month ago,...
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  • Back inlet flow shutdown on GC 6890 plus.

    Having the above error after installing the above mentioned GC. The GC is not a new one. It has two SSL inlets and two ECD detectors. I tried cleaning the inlet valve as suggested in a post, no leak any where. The tem...
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  • My tune reports on my GC 6890N/5973 MSD have been really noisy/low sensitivity. My source is clean and I don't know what else it could be. Leak maybe?

    I made the mistake of doing a standard tune multiple times instead of an auto-tune and I know this lowers the sensitivity according to the hardware manual. Could this be the source? If so, how can I fix it? 
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  • GCMS won't start run without pushing the "Start" button on GC

    My computer recently crashed and we lost all of our old files including our previous methods and data. We were using an older version of Chemstation (Saphire). We just got a new computer and MassHunter program set up ...
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  • Ion 44 baseline

    Hi! We are actually having some issues with my GC-MS. Some months ago started appearing an annoying ion during all the TIC, the m/z = 44. Some threads comment that could be some air leak. we have checked all the possi...
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  • 2-phenylethyl isothiocyanate determination by HPLC-ESI-qTOF

    I have problems to determine the standard solution of 2-phenylethyl isothiocyanate by HPLC-ESI-qTOF. I should see it without thiourea derivatization in negative mode as was described previously by Song et al. 2005, bu...
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