• Issues with 525.2 surrogates

    I've been doing 525.2 for close to 16 years, and lately been having issues with perylene d 12, and triphenyl phosphate failing the +/- 30% of targeted concentration. I don't think the issue is due to my sample concent...
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  • BFB tune problem (VOC method)

    Hi all   I have recently encountered a problem in my bfb.u tune file parameters.. All of the sudden, my 5973 won't pass bfb tune (*inconsistent peek width*) (pic 1) though it passes Atune (pic 2)...
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  • Communication problems with 5973N MSD

    This is probably not a new problem but I can find no other posts or answers related.   I am having difficulty setting up the following Agilent MSD system:   5973N MSD, model G2577A, Ser # US44647275, curre...
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  • How to find details about unknown mass peak from TIC?

    I am trying to know about some unknown mass peak from my sample's TIC, but how to approach for it I don't know? Can someone suggest me some ways to do it?
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  • 7200B cannot measure 50 Hz profile data

    We have an Agilent 7200B GC-QTOF, and recently added a cryogenic GCxGC modulator and therefore need to speed up the data acquisition rate. However, when collecting profile data in 50 Hz, the system hangs usually abou...
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  •    dipping the quads

    how to dipping the quads i found the answer in   the 5975C troubleshooting and maintenance pg 159-160  . . 5975 Troubleshooting and Maintenance manual.pdf
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  • 5973N won't load OS

    We inherited a 5973N (turbopump), and it had been working well as of a year ago. After an extended period of vented shutdown, I powered it back up, and found that the MSD will not initialize past "loading OS" on the l...
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  • agilent tof control and diagnostics

    Good evening. Could please help me to understant how to chenge the view of this window to have all parametres visible: Run State, Readbacks, etc.  
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  • Unknown signals in HPLC water sample

    Dear Agilent Community. We are writing here because we do not know what else to do. We would like to know if any of you have experienced something similar and how have you handled it. We are using an Agilent 1260 Infi...
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  • Has anyone had any experience optimizing the nebulizer needle distance from the nozzle for ESI applications, specifically peptides on the Agilent 6495B?

    We noticed that our nebulizer needle (G1946-67098) is flush with the end of the nozzle.  The Agilent "Nebulizer Adjustment Fixture" User Guide recommends a protruding distance of 0.003 inches (0.08 mm) for ESI.&#...
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  • gcms and internet

    I have 7890A GC and 5977B MS which are connected to the instrument via LAN to the pc and the question is should I connect the pc to the network via net cable so i can use google or yahoo etc....
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  • What range of carrier gases is possible?

    I'm wondering just how exotic I could get with GC (or GC-MS) carrier gases. For example, could I run pure methane, or carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide, or syngas (CO + H2)? I'm much less concerned with chromatographi...
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  • Batch correction

    Hello, when we generally observe a feature intensity drift, i see that people do a Within and between batch correction of LC-MS metabolomics data using some R package. I use agilent masshunter software for the comp...
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  • User created library for mass spectra in LC/MSD ChemStation?

    Hi! Is it possible to make a user created library for mass spectra in LC/MSD ChemStation? I can only see an option to create a UV one. Thanks!
    created by brady123
  • Shift in mass for the tune ions in negative mode

    Hello, We have an agilent 6545. Today when we are doing a mass calibration check, the masses of the negative tune ions seems to be shifted (For example 1633.9988 is now showing 1639.2109 and so on for the other ions)...
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  • I'm running a somewhat upgraded GCD on Chemstation software on a Windows 2000 computer. I want to set up a printer, but its not clear how to set up a "modern" printer that will print from Windows 2000. I could buy an older printer (like a Laserjet 4) but

    I'm running a somewhat upgraded GCD on Chemstation software on a Windows 2000 computer. I want to set up a printer, but its not clear how to set up a "modern" printer (like a Brothers 2395DW I have) that will print fr...
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  • 5973 MSD serial number

    After replacement. How do I change the serial number of the 5973N MSD?
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  • Using *.L library files in OpenLAB CDS 2.x Data Analysis

    In OpenLAB CDS 2.x Data Analysis there is not a native way to use the HP/Agilent MSD Chemstation Data Analysis *.L library files, including NIST and also custom libraries.   To use these *.L libraries in OpenLAB...
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