• vacuum pump

    Any help or info regarding vacuum pump having a loud popping sound when it is being switch on and a splatter of vacuum oil coming through the cap, by the way I am using Agilent ICP-MS 7800 series. Thank you.
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  • Agilent 7000A - MS Error 1.5

    Dear colleagues! Suddenly the new problem with our Agilent 7000A has appeared Instrument has worked quite intensively for a year in our laboratory (instrument has been bought refurbished 20 month ago). A month ago,...
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  • 2.8 High vacuum gauge is reading too high a pressure

    Working with a 6470 lc/tq and MS40 pump. The past three mornings, I've come in to find the pump not running with the error "QqQ fault detected: 2.8 High vacuum gauge is reading too high a pressure." Keep in ...
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  • Lubricants for the Helium Spectromass Varian PR02 and MD30 Vacuum Pumps

    I need lubricants for the Helium Spectromass Varian PR02 and MD30 Vacuum Pumps. Are there any recommendations for the brand and specifications of the vacuum pump oil that I can buy at a local shop (Indonesia). I am ha...
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  • How to start up my system after it has been left unused for a year

    Hi Community, I'm unfamiliar to GCMS systems and I'm assigned to work with a 7890B GC system and 5977B MSD system. The system has been sitting unused (completely turned off) for about a year and I'm not sure what's th...
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  • MS 5977A baseline drops in series over 2 weeks (offset pattern)

    After most MSD maintenance (filament change/switch, source cleaning, etc...) I seem to have an issue with the baseline dropping in series (offset pattern) for up to 2 weeks afterwards.  I'm new to this machine, b...
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  • 5977B MSD and metal columns?

    Dear Agilent,   Some colleagues of mine want to install a 250 µm metal capillary column at their Agilent 8890-5977B GC-MSD instrument. I am not sure this is an good idea …. What do you think?  ...
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  • ?a new problem with front inlet shutdown in high efficient GCMS

     Dear colleagues      we encountered a new problem with front inlet shutdown in high efficient GCMS , the inlet itself appear OK before the beginning of run method and still OK during syringe ...
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  •    the library search score for a compound is different with different instrument

      .the library search score for a compound is different with different instruments nowadays,in my work we have different types of gc-ms, we bought new gcms 7890B- 5977B HES , when comparing the result of the same...
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  • 6110 Single Quad LC/MS Forepump does not start work issue

    Hello everyone!       We have a 6110 Quadrupole LC/MS and it was doing fine until it misteriously turned off the fore pump (at morning we looked at the instrument and the MSD-self w...
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  • 5977A not pumping down correctly

    Good day,   We have a 5977A that last week was showing turbo pump speeds dropping to 99.7% and then back upto 100%, no nitrogen present. This week the Mass spec shutdown due to vacuum issue it was: - restarted...
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  • GC-MS 5973 won't pump down. Foreline pump turns off after ~10min

    Hello,   I am having a problem pumping down GC-MSD 5973.   The GC-MSD was turned off over the weekend and on Monday when I tried to pump down, the foreline pump automatically turns off after about ~10...
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  • Pump location vs exhaust?

    Hi, new to LC-MS, and we're relocating a 6530 Q-TOF to my site- but the question has come up about running the vacuum pump in the same room as the MS (which is going to be located next to a chemical fume hood, and is ...
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  • Pumpdown doesn't seem to work LCMS

    I vented the system in order to clean the spray chamber, nebuliser, and transfer ion capillary. After completion, I started a pump down sequence and left the system over the weekend. The rough vacuum is at ~2.6 torr a...
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  • Agilent 6650 iFunnel QTOF not pumping down

    Last week we vented and powered off our Agilent 6650 iFunnel QTOF. When we tried to turn it on and pump down from mass hunter software (I think B 09), the rough pump ran at the beginning, but just after 10 min, then i...
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  • Shutting Down GC-MS System

    Hello Everyone,   I am new to the forum and full disclosure not an expert at GC-MS systems. However, I am a chemistry professor at a small liberal-arts school which kind of makes me a jack of all trades and puts...
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  • 5977A MSD Atune OK, Etune Falloff error 5977A MSD help?

    Good Day,   We have an issue with one of our instruments. it is a 5977A MSD and is fine on an Atune. All looks great.   However, during an etune (method specifically states this type of tune due to higher ...
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  • Which Quiet Cover is right for my instrument?

    See attached document that covers quiet cover selection for GCMSD, LCMSD and ICPMSD.     42028
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  • 5973 5975 source temperature settings

    5973 and 5975 source temperature settings and limits for Electron Impact (EI) Chemical Ionizatinon (CI) Negative Chemical Ionization (NCI)     40528
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  • Part number for the cable that connects the 6890GC to MS xfer line

    The part number for the heater cable assembly, that connects the 6890 to the MSD Transfer line cable is G1530-60790.   MSD Transfer Line Extension Cable     40834
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