• High voltage and filament drive faults on 7200B QTOF

    Our 7200B GC-QTOF shutdown overnight the other day. When we came back to the lab, it showed the following faults: 5.31 Main board #1 shutdown 7.5 Filament drive timeout 7.30 Main board #2 internal shutdown 7.31 Ma...
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  • My tune reports on my GC 6890N/5973 MSD have been really noisy/low sensitivity. My source is clean and I don't know what else it could be. Leak maybe?

    I made the mistake of doing a standard tune multiple times instead of an auto-tune and I know this lowers the sensitivity according to the hardware manual. Could this be the source? If so, how can I fix it? 
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  • Problems tuning after installing new electron multiplier on Agilent 5975C

    My lab recently changed the filaments and installed a new electron multiplier on our Agilent 5975C. When I try to tune the peaks all seem like noise and then if gives me an error for the tune reading " Tune action Sto...
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  • Tuning error: "Ramping Quad AMU"

    I am trying to do an initial tune with our 6520A after I vented the instrument. Error occured while it was optimizing for Quad AMU and the error message is "No valid optimum found in ramp (abundances were all too low)...
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  • MS 5977A baseline drops in series over 2 weeks (offset pattern)

    After most MSD maintenance (filament change/switch, source cleaning, etc...) I seem to have an issue with the baseline dropping in series (offset pattern) for up to 2 weeks afterwards.  I'm new to this machine, b...
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  • Loosing C35-C40 standards sensitivity over time

    Hi,   I have a question. I loose the sensitivity of C35-C40 standards. I usually inject a standard mix (C21-C40) but over the time I loose the high chain length carbons. Either I see very little peaks or I see n...
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  • G1956A Error: Difficult with ion optics electronics errors: 0200 0300 03001  0209 0800 0801

    ms #g1956 electronics signal loss chem station #error    log files Hello everyone!We have a Lc MSD VL G1956A single quad. In the past, at some point we had problems with the acquis...
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  • error message gcms7890B- 5977B HES

    we bought a new gcms7890B- 5977B HES when we try to do sensitivity test with OFN method the  message apeard  exception has been thrown bytarget of an invocation and we can not know the reasons for this erro ...
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  •    the library search score for a compound is different with different instrument

      .the library search score for a compound is different with different instruments nowadays,in my work we have different types of gc-ms, we bought new gcms 7890B- 5977B HES , when comparing the result of the same...
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  • ?a new problem with front inlet shutdown in high efficient GCMS

     Dear colleagues      we encountered a new problem with front inlet shutdown in high efficient GCMS , the inlet itself appear OK before the beginning of run method and still OK during syringe ...
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  • Image (backup) from intenal hard disk drive for agilent 6210

    We have Agilent 6210 TOF (G1969A) mass in our lab but unfortunately its internal hard disk drive has been burned so we need someone send us an image from the hard disk to restore it on new hard disk. Image (backup) cr...
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  • Agilent 5975 MSD Autotune Report Readings

    I have couple of questions regarding Agilent 5975 MSD (run on MassHunter) Autotune Report. Please see the attached. It looks like for m/z 69, 219, and 502, there are two sets of data on the report. The Abund and Rel A...
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  • MSD Productivity Chemstation All-in-one report

    Hi, I have HP 6890 Plus GC with 5973N MSD system and using MSD Productivity Chemstation E.02.02.1431 (G1701EA) Software. As using this software faced a question regarding Reports. While creating Method you can choose...
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  • Heat rejected to room

    I have several Agilent Mass Selective Detectors that reject heat. My room is overheating. What is the air flow exhaust for: 5973 6890 7890A?
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  • For the 6400 Series Triple Quadrupole (specifically 6495B), does the checktune inject a fixed volume of calibrant solution every checktune? 

    And if not, are the intensity values of each mass averaged over a time window?
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  • Is 6230 TOF safe pumped down, but without TOF electronics turned off?

    Recently, after a pump down and HV conditioning sequence, TOF electronics shut off without any obvious error. Seems to have been software related, but I don't want to keep attempting to condition the electronics in or...
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  • Where can I plug in my serial number for my 6460 LC/MS to see the manufacture date?

    Where can I plug in my serial number for my 6460 LC/MS to see the manufacture date?
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  • G6400 Series Shutdown document.

    Thanks to Gerry Alexis. Agilent QqQ RSS. This document also includes SQ shutdown.
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  • Agilent 6100 series LCMS Shutdown Procedure

    Attached is a shut down  procedure for Agilent 6100 series LCMS. Thanks to Agilent OTS Engineer Howard Sanford.
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    I keep getting this error on my 6100 LC/MS. Any help please?
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