• 6460 Infintiy LC MS "1.4 Lens1 DC driver cannot maintain the requested voltage"

    Dear Agilent users!   I have a problem with our LC/MS QQQ 6460 infinity.  When i do check tune, in MS2 phase it comes with this failure message:  "1.4 Lens1 DC driver cannot maintain the requested volt...
    created by heykiwi89
  • determination drugs gc/ms/ms

    hello! I am looking for a drug analysis method (amphetamine, methamphetamine, MMDA, MMDA .......) on gc/ms/ms. is there any work in this area?
    created by azrael
  • Does ammonium fluoride assist ionisation? (and how?)

    Hi I recently read a report in which 1mM ammonium fluoride was added to the LC-MS mobile phase to increase sensitivity/ionisation. Can anyone verify this is effective for ESI positive mode analysis of drugs? Can ...
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  • Peak area help needed

    I do not see peak area in LCMS 6420, instead I see response. Also, response is very low, I mean responses are in the range of 4000-5000, when I see in millions from other reported methods. Can someone help finding cor...
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  • What is the identifier ion and quantifier ion in MS?

    What is the identifier ion and quantifier ion in MS? How can i identify the identifier and quantifier ion?
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  • Creatinine MRMs

    Hi, does anyone have some creatinine MRMs that work well for them. We have a urine screening method, and there's only one MRM for creatinine in the ForTox database supplied by Agilent (114/86.1). I'd like to have 2-3 ...
    created by johnbradley
  • Binary code error and won't open MassHunter Quant Analysis

    For some reason a group of us can not open the Mass Hunter Quantitative analysis software. We keep an error code that says "Failed to open batch file. Failed to read binary batch file. We can't analyze any of our bin ...
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  • 2.8 High vacuum gauge is reading too high a pressure

    Working with a 6470 lc/tq and MS40 pump. The past three mornings, I've come in to find the pump not running with the error "QqQ fault detected: 2.8 High vacuum gauge is reading too high a pressure." Keep in ...
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  • Agilent 6460 instrument communication error

    I have been tasked with getting an Agilent QQQ up and running. I am not experienced on the instrument or LC/MS in general. I was able to get the instrument started from a complete shutdown and it passed a check tune a...
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  • Multiple Worklists saving to multiple locations

    Hi,    We recently started using column switching on our 6470 QQQ. Essentially we have two differnent methods, phases and columns on the same instrument. We injected two batches sequentially, ...
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  • Masshunter re-injecting when threshold is reached ?

    Hi,    We're using a 6470 QQQ with 1290 HPLC stacks and MH 10   Is it possible to get masshunter to re-inject a sample if a particular TIC threshold is met. We have situations where the concentration ...
    created by johnbradley
  • Compliance issue with MassHunter software

    We observed an error (Refer Attachment) while creating the methods and opening the existing methods. Later on we came to know that, MassHunter software will not work without enabling "DELETE" option. If we enabling th...
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  • ?a new problem with front inlet shutdown in high efficient GCMS

     Dear colleagues      we encountered a new problem with front inlet shutdown in high efficient GCMS , the inlet itself appear OK before the beginning of run method and still OK during syringe ...
    created by walleed
  • Missing qTOF Reference Ions

    Hello,   I am not seeing all of the reference ions (negative or positive) while my qTOF instrument is in idle or acquisition.  Spectrum and Work List icons remain yellow whereas Vial icon remains red. ...
    last modified by mark
  • decimal numbers in dMRMs

    Hello, is it possible to use dMRMs with decimal numbers as RT e.g. 10.45 min? If I try to safe a method with decimal numbers the decimal point is removed automatically. Does anybody else have the same problem or know...
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  •    the library search score for a compound is different with different instrument

      .the library search score for a compound is different with different instruments nowadays,in my work we have different types of gc-ms, we bought new gcms 7890B- 5977B HES , when comparing the result of the same...
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  • For the 6400 Series Triple Quadrupole (specifically 6495B), does the checktune inject a fixed volume of calibrant solution every checktune? 

    And if not, are the intensity values of each mass averaged over a time window?
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  • G6400 Series Shutdown document.

    Thanks to Gerry Alexis. Agilent QqQ RSS. This document also includes SQ shutdown.
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  • Negative Mode - Peptides

    in LC-MS, i was wondering how does negative ionization  (Negative Mode) work with peptides? Same sample has shown differece in the intensity of the ionization, it is much lower in negative mode .. the negative is...
    created by weaam.dakda
  • QQQ error : Failed to download parameters to Instrument

    I'm using Agilent LC-MS/MS 6490 for multiresidue pesticide analysis. I'm having an issue where sometimes the instrument would not run the sequence and goes to idle (not always, but it can happen in the middle of seque...
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