• Can't connect to QToF (6545)

    Hi, We are having trouble connecting to our 6545 QToF (our LC is the 1290). We can start MassHunter Acquisition but if doesn't register that it's connected to the machine and can't issue commands (e.g. turning on the...
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  • Two Issues: 1)Inverted TIC?  2) How to include m/2z in conjunction with PCDL?

    1) Not sure why I'm seeing an inverted TIC trace in qual data analysis.   2) Quite a few compounds in my PCDL can have one, two and three charges.  How do include these species?   Any help with t...
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  • No spectra is being displayed - 6520B QTOF

    Hi everyone,  i am trying to reinstall an old 6520B QTOF, which been down for 2 years. Vacuum and HV Condition passed. The status of the Instrument is on "green". Only the Readback values of Vapor/SG Temp ...
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  • Tuning error: "Ramping Quad AMU"

    I am trying to do an initial tune with our 6520A after I vented the instrument. Error occured while it was optimizing for Quad AMU and the error message is "No valid optimum found in ramp (abundances were all too low)...
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  • Importing mzxml files to MassHunter Qual?

    Hello everyone,   I'm trying to import a mzxml file into MassHunter Qualitative Analysis (V.10). I know it is a simple task to export an Agilent .D file as an mzxml file from MassHunter Qual but I cannot figure ...
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  • EIC confusion,

    EIC are flat-lined where peaks are expected.  Probably something simple but I'm at a loss how to proceed.  TIA!
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  • Compliance issue with MassHunter software

    We observed an error (Refer Attachment) while creating the methods and opening the existing methods. Later on we came to know that, MassHunter software will not work without enabling "DELETE" option. If we enabling th...
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  • Software for Agilent 6410B MS

    Hello,   We just acquired our First MS for our 1200 HPLC.      It is the Agilent 6410B.   Can we use Chemstation for the MS or do we have to buy the MassHunter Software?   Any he...
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  • Does ammonium fluoride assist ionisation? (and how?)

    Hi I recently read a report in which 1mM ammonium fluoride was added to the LC-MS mobile phase to increase sensitivity/ionisation. Can anyone verify this is effective for ESI positive mode analysis of drugs? Can ...
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  • Ion mobility separation

    Recently we purchase an Ion mobility QTOF (IMMS) and run simple application with small molecules that shows 3 peaks for our marker. A question raised from our colleagues about the possibility that IMMS can separate t...
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  • Qtof contaminants at m/z 200 and 270

    Hi!   We are using three Agilent Qtof's (6550) and all shows annoying, significant contaminants and the nuisances are usually started to be detected after a gradient hits 50%MeCN until the end. Their&#...
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  • Ion series with 50 amu neutral losses?

    Running in negative ion mode.  I suspect contamination but what?  Polymeric methinks.  Any thoughts would be great!
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  • N2 consumption 6550 iFunnel qTOF

    We have been experience nitrogen issues and believe the issue may be the gas flow module on our 6550 qTOF. When the instrument is vented and powered off, a high flow of N2 persists from the drying gas port to the sour...
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  • Can I compensate for TFA ion suppression with more sample?

    I need 0.1% TFA to do my protein separation for now. Can I just inject more sample to make up for the loss in signal intensity on the MS side (on the scale of 10ug analyte per injection)? Will I risk damaging my QTOF ...
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  • MRM mode-6530 Qtof

    Hello How can I setup a MRM analysis mode in a 6530 Qtof equipped with a AJS Dual ESI ion source? I have only access to targeted MS/MS in Mass Hunter. Thanks in advance Best regards
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  •    the library search score for a compound is different with different instrument

      .the library search score for a compound is different with different instruments nowadays,in my work we have different types of gc-ms, we bought new gcms 7890B- 5977B HES , when comparing the result of the same...
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  • ?a new problem with front inlet shutdown in high efficient GCMS

     Dear colleagues      we encountered a new problem with front inlet shutdown in high efficient GCMS , the inlet itself appear OK before the beginning of run method and still OK during syringe ...
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  • Missing qTOF Reference Ions

    Hello,   I am not seeing all of the reference ions (negative or positive) while my qTOF instrument is in idle or acquisition.  Spectrum and Work List icons remain yellow whereas Vial icon remains red. ...
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  • Image (backup) from intenal hard disk drive for agilent 6210

    We have Agilent 6210 TOF (G1969A) mass in our lab but unfortunately its internal hard disk drive has been burned so we need someone send us an image from the hard disk to restore it on new hard disk. Image (backup) cr...
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  • 6530 QTOF shutdown for long period

    Hello,  The recent shutdown procedure for QTOF systems (other than 6546 model) didn't indicate if collison cell gas need to be turned off.  Does one need to shutoff the collison cell gas for the other model...
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