• What is the identifier ion and quantifier ion in MS?

    What is the identifier ion and quantifier ion in MS? How can i identify the identifier and quantifier ion?
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  • How to inject different volumes indicated in sequence?

    Hi, I am working on an LC-MS single quad 6120b Running Open Lab CDS Chem Station. When I set a sequence there is a column called: 'injection volume'. If I set different volumes in different rows I expect to inject di...
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  • Peak area help needed

    I do not see peak area in LCMS 6420, instead I see response. Also, response is very low, I mean responses are in the range of 4000-5000, when I see in millions from other reported methods. Can someone help finding cor...
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  • ESI gives error in every negative scan

    our MS instrument gives this error for the peaks in every negative scan "the specified register does not exist MSCalcPurity Error # 385!!!"  I highlighted it in yellow in the attached screenshot.  any ide...
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  • Binary code error and won't open MassHunter Quant Analysis

    For some reason a group of us can not open the Mass Hunter Quantitative analysis software. We keep an error code that says "Failed to open batch file. Failed to read binary batch file. We can't analyze any of our bin ...
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  • 96 well plate Film Seal

    The seal we used to use for our 96 well plates, Item #82018-844, 3PK, pricing of $80.58/PK, VWR FILM SEAL THERMO PC PK100, has been discontinued. Does anyone have any strong feelings about a type of sealing film they...
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  • Does ammonium fluoride assist ionisation? (and how?)

    Hi I recently read a report in which 1mM ammonium fluoride was added to the LC-MS mobile phase to increase sensitivity/ionisation. Can anyone verify this is effective for ESI positive mode analysis of drugs? Can ...
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  • Agilent 6460 instrument communication error

    I have been tasked with getting an Agilent QQQ up and running. I am not experienced on the instrument or LC/MS in general. I was able to get the instrument started from a complete shutdown and it passed a check tune a...
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  • Can't connect to QToF (6545)

    Hi, We are having trouble connecting to our 6545 QToF (our LC is the 1290). We can start MassHunter Acquisition but if doesn't register that it's connected to the machine and can't issue commands (e.g. turning on the...
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  • OPENLABs Offline version doe not work at all

    hello the LCMS offline app (OPENLAB CDS) does not boot. it gets stuck indicating "Initializing: Startup Macros" (attached screenshot).  I have restarted the computer many times. did open and close the Online ve...
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  • Multimode source (Agilent) issue

    We have an Agilent multimode source (APCI-ES, 6120b) on our HPLC/MS. Hadn't used the system in a while and we are currently experiencing a complete flatline when running samples in ES mode (both negative and positive)...
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  • Two Issues: 1)Inverted TIC?  2) How to include m/2z in conjunction with PCDL?

    1) Not sure why I'm seeing an inverted TIC trace in qual data analysis.   2) Quite a few compounds in my PCDL can have one, two and three charges.  How do include these species?   Any help with t...
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  • No spectra is being displayed - 6520B QTOF

    Hi everyone,  i am trying to reinstall an old 6520B QTOF, which been down for 2 years. Vacuum and HV Condition passed. The status of the Instrument is on "green". Only the Readback values of Vapor/SG Temp ...
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  • How do I find G1369 LAN card Model number and firmware?

    Can anyone tell me how to find out what version of G1369 LAN interface card I have in my 1260 LC with 6130 mass spectrometer?  And how can I find out the firmware version that the interface card is running?  ...
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  • Software for Agilent 6410B MS

    Hello,   We just acquired our First MS for our 1200 HPLC.      It is the Agilent 6410B.   Can we use Chemstation for the MS or do we have to buy the MassHunter Software?   Any he...
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  • Compliance issue with MassHunter software

    We observed an error (Refer Attachment) while creating the methods and opening the existing methods. Later on we came to know that, MassHunter software will not work without enabling "DELETE" option. If we enabling th...
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  • Mass Spec Method for Amphotericin B

    Hi! I'm trying to develop a method to test amphotericin B using our Agilent G6125B single-quad LC/MSD . We need it to be quantitative for amphotericin B, but are less interested in impurities. My first attempts were ...
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  • G1956A Error: Difficult with ion optics electronics errors: 0200 0300 03001  0209 0800 0801

    ms #g1956 electronics signal loss chem station #error    log files Hello everyone!We have a Lc MSD VL G1956A single quad. In the past, at some point we had problems with the acquis...
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  • Openlab CDS 2.4 LC MS acquisition 

    Hi guys, i would like to how make on the Openlab CDS 2.4 acquisition software monitor 2 or more m/z in the same time.
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  • ?a new problem with front inlet shutdown in high efficient GCMS

     Dear colleagues      we encountered a new problem with front inlet shutdown in high efficient GCMS , the inlet itself appear OK before the beginning of run method and still OK during syringe ...
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