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Click to view contentHello my G1946C(VL) LCMS keep disconnecting from the Chemstation Software, LOGBOOK says   -SPRAY CHAMBER CONFIGURATION PROBLEM (1516)   The instrument became "red" and the software crash : we must reboot the pc and reset the MDS module to restart the session.   What can I do?   thanx  
in Mass Spectrometry
We have an Agilent 6100 single quad LC-MS.  It was working fine until yesterday when I tried to use it to run an FIA analysis. During the FIA run, the MSD shut down and I got an error that read: " Capillary/chamber voltage could not be maintained."  Can anyone provide ideas about where to go next?  I cleaned the capillary and put it back in but it… (Show more)
in Mass Spectrometry
Hi I have an Agilent 6470 system with Infinity II LC system. I needed to record the variation in binary pump pressure due to sample matrix that is being injected. I see an option for recording chromatogram in the Instrument tab section of QQQ of Mass hunter SW and that is MS related like Sheath gas temp etc. How to get LC back pressure… (Show more)
in Mass Spectrometry
I am trying to know about some unknown mass peak from my sample's TIC, but how to approach for it I don't know? Can someone suggest me some ways to do it?
in Mass Spectrometry
We have an Agilent 7200B GC-QTOF, and recently added a cryogenic GCxGC modulator and therefore need to speed up the data acquisition rate. However, when collecting profile data in 50 Hz, the system hangs usually about 10 - 15 minutes into the run (not at the same time each run). The instrument collects 50 Hz centroid data without issues, and… (Show more)
in Mass Spectrometry
Good afternoon everyone,   Over the last year, the EM volts of the MS have been slightly creeping up. Where it was still ~EMV 900 now we are roughly around 1800. Since we had a bit of downtime, there was a chance of cleaning the MS source to increase the sensitivity. The cleaning progress of the Agilent 5977B Operating Manual in combination… (Show more)
in Mass Spectrometry
Good Morning,   We have a 7890A GC fitted with a 5977 MSD. Out of no where the MSD turned off. log states the it cannot be connected to and it's off.   We cannot regain power to the MSD. Tried checking the cables going in, even replacing them with spare ones. Using a different power socket which we know works.Opened up and removed the metal PCB… (Show more)
in Mass Spectrometry
Click to view contentHi, We have agilent 6545 qtofms. The quad tune in neg mode is failing due to failed wide peak width for 1633 ion. any suggestions to troubleshoot. please see the image. Thanks
in Mass Spectrometry
Good afternoon all. I have a baffling issue with our 6470 LCMS. It passes checktune. I can run autotune is positive mode or in negative mode, but not both together as previously. I get an error message at the end of the autotune process stating "Failed to Load Tune File" and the tune fails and the EMV is not reset. Any thoughts? Thanks
in Mass Spectrometry
Afternoon, I have a Agilent Pump, MS 120 RVP 41  Model # X3702-64100  Ser # IT1723N022. I cannot find any documents on this pump I tried searching for both the MS 120 and the X 3702, My main question is there a mist eliminator available for the exhaust outlet for this pump? Thank you
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