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Mass Spectrometry

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I am trying to know about some unknown mass peak from my sample's TIC, but how to approach for it I don't know? Can someone suggest me some ways to do it?
in Mass Spectrometry
We have an Agilent 7200B GC-QTOF, and recently added a cryogenic GCxGC modulator and therefore need to speed up the data acquisition rate. However, when collecting profile data in 50 Hz, the system hangs usually about 10 - 15 minutes into the run (not at the same time each run). The instrument collects 50 Hz centroid data without issues, and… (Show more)
in Mass Spectrometry
I installed a column in my 6890/5975 inert GC-MS and when I did an autotune the tuning process stopped and there was an error message that the Entrance Lens was above the maximum of 64.  The instrument had been used by another person for a two sequences.  When that person ran an autotune on 3/13/19  the Ent Lens voltage was 19.07.  On 3/15/19 the… (Show more)
in Mass Spectrometry
Last week we vented and powered off our Agilent 6650 iFunnel QTOF. When we tried to turn it on and pump down from mass hunter software (I think B 09), the rough pump ran at the beginning, but just after 10 min, then it automatically stops. After a couple of hours the The TOF Vac showed 9.94 E-01 Torr, the Quad Vac showed 8.56E-10 Torr and the… (Show more)
in Mass Spectrometry
Is anyone performing microsomal stability on a single-quad LC-MS? I've seen papers where researchers have used both simple UV and LC-MS detection, but most contract testing labs seem to use triple-quads, LC-MS-MS. Is a MS-MS really necessary when you're just monitoring the disappearance of the parent compound? I'd like to bring microsomal… (Show more)
in Mass Spectrometry
Dears,     The  QQQ- 7000C electronic cables were almost fully damaged by mouse and all are replaced. The high vacuum gauge is off while the turbo speed is 100% and fine, but the filament is not working and cannot tune. Please recommend me the probable causes.       Kind Regards, Dagnachew 
in Mass Spectrometry
Good evening. We have liquid chromatograph Agilent 1200 with time-of-flight mass spectrometric detector 6210 (Agilent Technologies, USA). When I want to connect it, it writes "could not establish telnet connection". Can you explain why?
in Mass Spectrometry
When the sequence starts, the autosampler performs the rinse steps with solvent and then with the sample, after the 6 pumps of the sample the syringe is left inside the sample.  The parameters of the GC were monitored to start the sequence and are as programmed.  Other Troubleshooting steps were made, but we have not achieved satisfactory… (Show more)
in Mass Spectrometry
I ordered G3170-80105 but when I opened the Mass spec the part # is G3170-80103. Are these parts interchangeable ?
in Mass Spectrometry
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