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When I do a full scan in manual tune I get a bunch of  electronic noise starting around mass 500.   I know it has something to do with the analyzer.  I cleaned the source and was able to swap the analyzer with another 5975 and the noise was about the same on the 2nd mass spec.  The voltage on the multiplier is ok.     I tried a new feed thru part… (Show more)
in Mass Spectrometry
Am having the above error message on agilent 5975 MSD whiles checking for Air and water. The process cannot continue and had to shutdown the instrument without venting. Though I suspect the HED power supply, I would like to have some confirmation before moving forward.
in Mass Spectrometry
During conditioning of the GC-Q-TOF 7200 the message "2.6 Accelerator focus high voltage fault" appear. What I do?
in Mass Spectrometry
hello the LCMS offline app (OPENLAB CDS) does not boot. it gets stuck indicating "Initializing: Startup Macros" (attached screenshot).  I have restarted the computer many times. did open and close the Online version (that works perfectly fine), did restart all the connected modules, still, the Offline version does not work! any suggestions on… (Show more)
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Our 7200B GC-QTOF shutdown overnight the other day. When we came back to the lab, it showed the following faults: 5.31 Main board #1 shutdown 7.5 Filament drive timeout 7.30 Main board #2 internal shutdown 7.31 Main board #2 shutdown   After power-cycling it refuses to enter ready mode saying that the high voltage controller is not… (Show more)
in Mass Spectrometry
We have an older 5975C running Chemstation acquisition G1701EA E.02.00.493. This version did not contain the BFB Autotune tuning program. Our other 5975C the same age had this added by an Agilent tech a few months after the original installation, but for some reason it wasn't done to this system. Does anyone know if BFB Autotune can be added now,… (Show more)
in Mass Spectrometry
I made the mistake of doing a standard tune multiple times instead of an auto-tune and I know this lowers the sensitivity according to the hardware manual. Could this be the source? If so, how can I fix it? 
in Mass Spectrometry
I did auto tuning for Agilent 5975 MSD and found the following message" ratio of mass 219 to 69 should be >40% and is 33.1%, low" in tune evaluation report. Everything else is ok. The instrument runs ok. What does this mean and is there anything we need to do to address that?    thank you. Tune evaluation reports are attached. 
in Mass Spectrometry
We have an Agilent multimode source (APCI-ES, 6120b) on our HPLC/MS. Hadn't used the system in a while and we are currently experiencing a complete flatline when running samples in ES mode (both negative and positive), but we get a signal with APCI. We can tune in both modes and see the peaks/signals but when running a sample, it's a complete… (Show more)
in Mass Spectrometry
Hello,   after cleaning the ion source of our QQQ 7000, the measurements show an unusual increase of "noise" at irregular time intervals of the run, as shown in the attached image. This was also observed on the manual tune page. This increase mostly extends over the whole spectrum of a scan or sometimes only appears in random blocks of the… (Show more)
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