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Can I have a part number for a micro ion gauge and instructions on how to replace it for a 5975C? Thank you
in Mass Spectrometry
I could use some resources on manual tuning for ICP-MS systems. I'm a relatively new user, and I'm disappointed at the seeming lack of useful information available through Masshunter Help, Agilent user manuals, or online.    Specifically, I'm looking for resources pertaining to how lenses, plasma settings, and various other tune parameters … (Show more)
in Mass Spectrometry
I am using 7010TQ with 7890B Gc system and it's with 7697A head space. I am trying to analysis of dithiocarbamates and used CS2 as standard solution. please suggest me how to analyse the standard and sample with help of head space.
in Mass Spectrometry
I vented the system in order to clean the spray chamber, nebuliser, and transfer ion capillary. After completion, I started a pump down sequence and left the system over the weekend. The rough vacuum is at ~2.6 torr and the high vacuum is 0.005 mtorr. According to the help section on chemstation the rough should be 1.5 to 2.5 torr and the high <… (Show more)
in Mass Spectrometry
can I replace CI ion source with EI ion source to get the same operation (of EI ion source) I have new one CI ion source I want to replace with old EI ion source
in Mass Spectrometry
I am working on Agilent LC 1100Series with 6100 single Quad. I have been encountering shutdown error method and MSD extShutdown. I did see lot of people who had experienced error method shutdown with degasser malfunction. However, I did try to disconnect degasser and restart but the error method shutdown was not solved. I did disconnect injector… (Show more)
in Mass Spectrometry
A mailing that was sent last week included a note about doing Semi VOA's with an 8890/5977 system. It used the 8270 column and a 9mm drawout. We had a power failure last weekend and I lost the note as I had it open, not saved!  Can anyone point me in the correct direction, as I couldn't find it on the web site.   Thanks John
in Mass Spectrometry
Hi, I am putting together a proposal for the owner of the company I work for to make flavors. I cannot purchase the GC/MS system until I can determine if I can use an alternative carrier gas with good resolution,selectivity, etc. We are looking at buying 7890A GC with a 5975C msd as a detector. In the past at another company I used same equipment… (Show more)
in Mass Spectrometry
Is there a way of presenting a compound list next a percent report with Chem Station?
in Mass Spectrometry
" The standard 10 position rack accommodates 26 mm diameter tubes but a range of alternative sample racks are available: 21 position racks with 50 mL vials, 24 position racks with 30 mL vials, 40 position racks with 20 mL vials, 60 position racks with 14 mL vials or 90 position racks with 8 mL vials."
in Mass Spectrometry
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