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I´m trying to analyze some molecules with reported method. If paper indicates some conditions but I want to know the equivalents on Agilent 6545 QTOF.
in Mass Spectrometry
I've been doing 525.2 for close to 16 years, and lately been having issues with perylene d 12, and triphenyl phosphate failing the +/- 30% of targeted concentration. I don't think the issue is due to my sample concentration step, as the nitro xylene recovers very well. The triphenyl phosphate sometimes recover over 130% and the perylene d 12< 70%.… (Show more)
in Mass Spectrometry
Hi    I am facing problem with 6420A where it was not communicating and giving MSQQQ driver error. we replaced the quad driver and it started communicating. and fater quad dip when we started for tune we where not getting any response.   Lab advisor test attached   Thanks and Regards, Ranjeet Singh Chauhan
in Mass Spectrometry
We work with a Q-TOF 6545 and it fails positive auto tune. Is there anyone who knows this error, what causes it and what can be done to rectify this? Thank you
in Mass Spectrometry
Why in GC-MS front inlet pressure shutdown is showing after one or two samples were run?. Pleas give me some solutions.
in Mass Spectrometry
Is anyone performing microsomal stability on a single-quad LC-MS? I've seen papers where researchers have used both simple UV and LC-MS detection, but most contract testing labs seem to use triple-quads, LC-MS-MS. Is a MS-MS really necessary when you're just monitoring the disappearance of the parent compound? I'd like to bring microsomal… (Show more)
in Mass Spectrometry
Click to view contentHi all   I have recently encountered a problem in my bfb.u tune file parameters.. All of the sudden, my 5973 won't pass bfb tune (*inconsistent peek width*) (pic 1) though it passes Atune (pic 2) just fine..   Enclosed for reference are images taken from profile scan in manual tune   PIC 1 Atune profile scan   PIC 2 Bfb profile scan    … (Show more)
in Mass Spectrometry
Hi 6420 QQQ  auto tune was failed.It was due to 118amu missing. We were changing ESL L tuning mix,result was the same.We clean ion source & capilary cap,the result was the same. The calibrant flow & spray was OK. What will be the probable cause & solution for this problem? For further information look on attached screen shot.   Yitna Zewdie
in Mass Spectrometry
This is probably not a new problem but I can find no other posts or answers related.   I am having difficulty setting up the following Agilent MSD system:   5973N MSD, model G2577A, Ser # US44647275, current firmware 5.01.63, original was 5.01.73 (see below) 6890N GC, model G1530N, ser # US10508008, firmware N.06.07 PC, Dell Optiplex 745,… (Show more)
in Mass Spectrometry
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