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Hello!   I have some problems with my MSD 5973 (diffusion pump). Nitrogen was between 10-18% and EMV between 2400-2600. I bought supplies and i did a maintanance: I changed He trap, MSD column Nut and ferrule, diffusion pump oil, filaments, interface, analyzer, PTFBA valve and vent valve o-rings.   The first days, my EMV decreased to 2100,… (Show more)
in Mass Spectrometry
Click to view contentWe have been observing split peaks in our 5973 autotunes. The splitting is not consistent as it moves among the main masses (69, 219 and 502). We have cleaned and replaced just about everything to no avail. Has anyone observed the same phenomenon? How was it resolved? Thanks.   Bill
in Mass Spectrometry
Hi everyone! First of all, I would like to thanks in advice any answer to the problem specified below. Also, I'd like to mention that I'm a GC beginner (my Ph.D. started 4 months ago) so I apologize in advance for any so-obvious question. At our lab, we've been experiencing some problems with what we assumed to be a gas leak. Under normal… (Show more)
in Mass Spectrometry
Hi! Recently we bought used Agilent 7000A triple-quad (7890A GC equipped with G7000B triple-quad detector). Several monthes ago we faced the problem with triple-quad detector that suddenly goes offline. MassHunter reported that connection was lost, ping from command line could not get a reply from detector (there is no problem with GC pinging).… (Show more)
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I have 7890A GC and 5977B MS which are connected to the instrument via LAN to the pc and the question is should I connect the pc to the network via net cable so i can use google or yahoo etc....
in Mass Spectrometry
Hi! I will be very glad if somebody helps me. I have a problem about mass spectrometer working. I can't see TIC. And also I have these faults. Masked Fault: Rf fault       Masked Fault: Mass dac calibration fault       Masked Fault: Quadrupole dc fault       Masked Fault: Iris fault
in Mass Spectrometry
What is the latest firmware revision for GC 7890B injector G4513A?
in Mass Spectrometry
After sitting in standby mode for awhile (days), when my GCD first turns on the filaments (after a 3 min solvent delay) there is immediately a broad peak that lasts perhaps 10-15 seconds, and it presents very different masses depending if you sample it at the beginning, middle or end. It is weaker on the subsequent samples, but never seems to go… (Show more)
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Click to view contentGood Morning,   We are currently using a 5975T on Chemstation and have experienced "grass" on our spectra before and usually either a dirty source or HED power supply issue.   However, this occurred during a tune as well as when performing analysis.   We currently have an issue that needs addressing, so when performing analysis we get grassing:… (Show more)
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We use VARIAN VS Series helium mass spectrometer leak detectors (MODEL MR15). This detector shows leak rate by atm*cc/s but we want to know the leak rate by ppmv.   So, could you give us the "total gas flow rate [atm*cc/sec]" @ 0.25 torr ?   Thank you very much
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