• Resolutions Pro

    Hello everyone, I have a Varian 640 FT-IR infrared spectrometer, but there is no test software. That friend has this Resolutions Pro test software to send me a copy, thank you, my mailbox thgdtfc@163.com Thank you ver...
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  • Cary 630 IR Spectrometer Source value too high

    Hello,   We have an Agilent Cary 630 IR spectrometer in our lab and the diagnostics page  says that the Source value is too high (2.268, should be below 2.2). How do you rectify this?   Best regards,...
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  • what is the difference between a diamond ATR and a germanium ATR?

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  • 4500a Ftir

    Hallo Community, have a good Year ! Need help!  Microlab Lite , Get connected  device name, don t light ,do not work and not able to syncronize SoMo655 to input ID and password to run Moicrolab Mobile. And,...
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  • Command Reference of ADL Programming

    I have asked this question before. But as a discussion and in German. Since I did not get an answer, I try it  here again. Does anyone have a command reference of ADL programming for the Agilent Eclipse?   ...
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  • – I can’t seem to add spectra to the library as Transmittance spectra – only absorbance. I have tried to create a new library where you can select transmission in a drop down menu but then when you add transmittance spectra it flips it back to absorbance.

    Microlab FTIR software– I can’t seem to add spectra to the library as Transmittance spectra – only absorbance.   I have tried to create a new library where you can select transmission in a dro...
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  • I used a Cary 630 FTIR with a sample of N aCl, but it didn´t have a signal.

    I tried to ran a  sample of NaCl, but it didn´t have any signal.
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  • FTIR Cary 630 Signal to Noise Fail

    Hello everyone.   Recently to accordance with my compliance i must to run IQOQ  test in my Cary 630, but signal to noise has failed. The configuration is Transmission Module with ZnSe Optics, Firmware: 1,84...
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  • Collection of Molecular Spectroscopy Resources

    Here is a "best of" collection of links to manuals and tools for Agilent Molecular Spectroscopy products (UV-Vis and UV-Vis-NIR, Fluorescence, and FTIR). For other instruments refer to Collection of Support Documents....
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  • how quantify in the ftir 630 spectrometer in the specific wavelenght? example: simethicone a 1759 cm-1

    Quantification and validation method for simethicone emulsion
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  • We have a cary 600 series FTIR. What does error 10104 and 10102 mean? How to rectify them?

    We have cary 660 MY14020008 FTIR Spectrometer. Recently we encountered these errors. We want to know the cause and the solution for these errors. Thanks in advance.
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  • EFTIR files , absorbance to trasmittance

    Hallo to all, and have a good day.   I have some EFTIR files recorded on Agilent result folder, by Agilent Microlab PC, in absorbance mode. Now I try to convert it in Trasmittance , and import it in Trasmittanc...
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  • Measurement of OD6 and above filter

    Does any one has experience in measuring a OD4 to 6 filter?
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  • quantity of water and oil that would be homogenized and aged

    Original Post from mansoor_30301:   Hi !   You all are requested to help me out in making standards, in this attachment, following paragraph is confusing me..   ""Used turbine oil (C&C Oil Co.) w...
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