• Cary-300. DRA-CA-30I

    Good day! tell my please. I have cary 300 with accessories DRA-CA-30I.https://www.agilent.com/en/products/uv-vis-uv-vis-nir/uv-vis-uv-vis-nir-accessories/dra-ca-30i-(internal)  how to use it? Are there any vide...
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  • Command Reference of ADL Programming

    I have asked this question before. But as a discussion and in German. Since I did not get an answer, I try it  here again. Does anyone have a command reference of ADL programming for the Agilent Eclipse?   ...
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  • Befehlereferenz der ADL Programmierung

    Hallo zusammen, hat jemand eine Befehlsreferenz der ADL Programmierung für das Agilent Eclipse? Evtl. als .pdf oder .doc oder oder...   Schon mal vielen Dank im Voraus...
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  • Collection of Molecular Spectroscopy Resources

    Here is a "best of" collection of links to manuals and tools for Agilent Molecular Spectroscopy products (UV-Vis and UV-Vis-NIR, Fluorescence, and FTIR). For other instruments refer to Collection of Support Documents....
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  • method transfer from hitachi spectroflorimeter to cary eclipse

    Hi everyone,   I tried to transfer method parameters from Hitachi FL 7000 spectrofluorimeter to agilent cary eclipse in synchronous mode but the two substances that showed two distinct maxima with zero cros...
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  • Narrow stokes shift

    I am analysing two compounds which show an overlap between the higher wavelength end of the excitation spectrum and the lower wavelength end of the emission spectrum (one compound with excitation wavelength at 280 nm ...
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  • Measurements in the range higher than 1100 nm

    Hello everyone, I have Cary Eclipse with R3896 PMT and I have necessity of measurements in the NIR range. How can I measure the fluorescence of my sample in the range higher than 1100 nm? Alex
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  • ADL Shell Programming

    Hello everyone, I am quitenew to the community. I wanted some help regading an instrument that I use in the laboratory. I have to code using ADL shell programming and somehow add some more features or make it user fri...
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  • fluorescence vs phosphorescence modes

    Hello everyone,   I just started a new job and the university has a Cary Eclipse fluorimeter, which I'm not quite familiar with. Could someone explain the difference between the fluorescence and phosphorescence ...
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