• Sequence in Coloums OpenLab CDS 2.3

    Dear all,    we use OpenLab CDS 2.3 and in our proccedure we use 96nunc Plattes.  When we create the Sequence and FillDown the Vial Position OpenLab create the nummeration in lines.    Is t...
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  • How can I find Torque2.mac?

    Hi every body I need Torque2.mac for measuring the torque value of Theta axis of my G1313A autosampler. Any help where can I find this macro please?
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  • Separation of Glycerol and Sorbitol HPLC

    Hello, I work at Dynalene Inc., and we have an Aligent HPLC. We have a raw material that contains glycerol and sorbitol and would like to use HPLC to get the concentrations of each for quality control. However, we hav...
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  • Peaks in injected blanks but not in system blank

    I am using an Agilent Infinitylab 1260 LC-MS trying to analyse three phospholipids - 16:0 Lysophosphatidylcholine, 16:0 Phosphatidylcholine and 16:0 Sphingomyelin   I have been having an issue with trying to do ...
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  • Help Needed Resolving a Wavy Baseline on a 1260 Quaternary System

    We are having baseline problems with two 1260 systems.  Both systems have quaternary pumps (G711B) with VWD (G7114A) detectors.  At a detection wavelength 254 nm with the pump flowing at 1 mL/min 90% A (H2O)...
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  • VWD ASTM Drift and Noise Test `

    Hello, I'm performing an ASTM noise and drift test on Labadvisor 2.15386 FSE on a G7114A. At the start of the test the signal jumps a considerable amount. Any Ideas? Thanks astm g7114a vwd noise drift labadv...
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  • Sample cooler cools, but doesn't reach 4°C

    We're having some problems with our 1260 Infinity II Vialsampler (G7129A). The temperature of the sample compartment is set to 4°C, but the actual temperature is always around 10 - 12°C. When running the sam...
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  • How to Update the Firmware on a LC System

    Open video

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  • How to Change the Needle in a Multi-Sampler

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  • How to Install a Low Dispersion Heat Exchanger in a G1316C or G7116X

    Open video

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  • Openlab is generating new process methods for every sample

    Hello everyone   I'm new to this forum and really hope, someone in this community can help me. I'm using the Agilent 1260 infinity with MSD XT. I perform one sequence, in which I measure each sample twice. Once ...
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  • Making connection between an instrument and a computer

    Hello everyone, I am trying to reorganize the lab with our Agilent 1100 LCs. So far they were connected via router with their computers. There was one main computer in the local network that was assigning IPs to the...
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  • I Have a "ripple" pressure line

    Hello,  We have a problem with Agilent 1290 Infinity II. When I work I found leaking at the exit of the loop (20 µl) (hinge broken off), followed by its replacement by a loop of 100 µl, after days o...
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  • The Openlab software shows an EMF: Liters pumped through left drive assemblyared

    I am now using the HPLC infinity 1260 with the software Openlab (Version A.01.02), the software shows an EMF now as shown in the attached photo. I know  EMF means Early Maintenance Feedback, but what should I do ...
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  • Phosphate buffer in HPLC

    Goodmorning, since few months I am using phosphate buffer for my analysis (method from Agilent Application Solution "Analysis of water-soluble vitamins from multivitamin tablets"), I've never used it before. I have a...
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  • Pressure Difference

    Asslam o Alaikum (may peace and mercy be on all of you) If I use isocratic elution on quarternay pump agilent 1260 infinity series, the pressure is different  from that pressure when I use binary pump to elute s...
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  • No flow, no pressure

    Agilent 1260 infinity ii, there is no flow and no pressure.  Was working fine yesterday, and was serviced two months ago and fitted with all new fittings etc.  Can someone point me to a direction of what cou...
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  • Long multisampler purge times - workarounds?

    With the dual needle hardware (1260 Infinity II Multisampler) I understand that automated purge of solvent paths is a built in operation.   From G7167-90230: "Both flow paths need to contain the same solvent com...
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  • Manual Injector PFTE seal and radioactivity

    Hello, I have been asked a question on; Part Number:0101-0620Rotor seal for Rheodyne 7125, 7125-081, 7725, Tefzel   In an old manual I found it states the the needle seal is teflon?   Would anyone know if t...
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  • Auto Sampler 1260 is Clog very high pressure

    The auto sampler model G1329B 1260 is having high back pressure without column. So far we had been doing the following: Rotor seal is replaced  Injection valve is cleaned Metering Head is cleaned Sample...
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