• LED Status Indicators

    Agilent Support Insights   This Information Applies To: All HPLC modules   Overview: The LED Status Indicators are common features for all the HPLC modules. The indicators are located on the top right c...
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  • Best Practices for Using an Agilent LC System

    Here is some good info on taking care of your LC including shutdown to store your system and power up and general  housekeeping, https://www.agilent.com/cs/library/usermanuals/public/BestPractice_en.pdf 
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  • Forced Cold Start Procedure

    Agilent Support Insights   This Information Applies To: All Agilent HPLC modules (except hosted modules).   Issue: If a module does not initialize correctly or it is not recognized by the software it is...
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  • Vacuum degasser spits fluid from waste tube

    Hello, the vacuum degasser i'm using (1100 series) is spitting fluid from the waste tube and sounds a bit funny before it happens. There is no error light active when it happens and I cannot find any leak. What could...
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  • HPLC Degasser/ Gradient Pump "No Vacuum"

    Hello, I've just yesterday encountered a problem with our HPLC (Agilent 1220 LC model). After a full day of sample prep I found I couldn't run my sequence as my gradient pump would never switch to ready in Chemstatio...
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  • G2455-85001 HSA Peptide Standard Mix Kit

    Hi community! I need know HSA Peptide Standard Mix Kit composition (G2455-85001). On the Agilent web site in Safety Data SheetsI don't found information about composition.   Thanks!
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  • G4204-60090

    Hi community! Help me please, this G4204-81090 Low pressure mixer assembly for Agilent 1290 Infinity Quaternary Pump is a replacement G4204-60090?    I enclosing photo of the requi...
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  • Collection of LC (HPLC) Resources

    Here is a "best of" collection of links to manuals and tools for HPLC on Agilent.com, for other instruments refer to Collection of Support Documents on Agilent.com.   Collection of LC (HPLC) Resources   ...
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  • How can I disable the degasser in a G7111B quat Pump

    Hi Everyone   A customer has a problem with her G7111B quat pump as the degasser displays an error associated with the vacuum pressure (EE08053.0) which requires a technical visit. In order to prevent the instru...
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  • g1322A desgasser indicates. error problem after 10 minutes.

    i have an agilent 1200 with desgasser g1322a. i have an error signal after 10 minutes of working. i open inisde and didnt see any leaks. im not sure why it is the reason. please support. i primed with IPA all the chan...
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  • shutdown

    Agilent 1100 systems was automatically shutdown, gave the the error codes: EE63. Suspect the leak of degasser. Not really sure what is wrong with the system. Anyone has an idea?
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  • Agilent 1200 Firmware upgrade issue

    We have Agilent G1312B, 1367C autosampler and G1316B column compartment, we just installed openlab C.01.09 into our surface book laptop with window 10 pro, when we did the installation, system check found some problem...
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  • no connection between the module of my hplc 1260 infinity agilent with the software

    Hi evryone, My colleague has deconnected the LAN cable from the software to clean around, now after a reconnection the light on the module that indicate the statut are black, the software can not recognise the ip adr...
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  • Degasser G1379B leakage

    I observed a leakage on degasser (G1379B). Very small amount of liquid is coming out from the highlighted part. Would anyone advise what the pipeline is and for (is it for vacuum pump)? and how do I handle this is...
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  • Use of Multiple Degasser Chambers for Isocratic and Binary pumps without SSV

    When using an Isocratic pump or a Binary pump without a Solvent Selection Valve (SSV), you can utilize more than 1 degasser chamber to achieve higher degassing performance and help the degasser work optimally.   ...
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  • Converting G1379A degassers to "Constant On" mode for better low UV analysis

    The G1379A degasser cycles between ON and OFF stages for degassing (as does the G1322A degasser, but the G1322A has a much higher volume which helps mitigate these effects). The G1379B degasser ramps the vacuum pump w...
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