• flexnet licensing error: -97,121

    Good Morning. Please, can you help me with a problem? When I open the off-line of the OPEN LAB CDS Chemstation Edition C.01.05 software. (35) I get the following error:   Can someone tell me what actions ca...
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  • Risk assesments of HPLC Infinity 2

    Are there templates within Agilent for the evaluation of a hazard risk assessment using a Agilent Infinity 2 NP/HPLC/ELSD Unit?
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  • Fraction collection events not showing up on a chromatogram. Any help?

    Hello everyone! We have just bought and installed a new LC 1260 Infinity II system with OpenLab cds 2.4. We always use a fraction collector, however the fraction collector doesn't show where the fraction collection oc...
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  • Openlab is generating new process methods for every sample

    Hello everyone   I'm new to this forum and really hope, someone in this community can help me. I'm using the Agilent 1260 infinity with MSD XT. I perform one sequence, in which I measure each sample twice. Once ...
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  • Open-Lab CDS 2.3 version

    Dear all, Just quick help needed, basically we are using Ezchrom wherein the area response is in millions but last year we moved to open lab CDS2.3 version, in this software with the same concentration of sample and ...
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  • Report to calculate RRT and rank

    Hi all, Just quickly I'm using OpenLAB CDS Acquisition version 2.3 and running SEC on a predefined method. I was hoping to be able to add ranks to the report. We assign samples that we run a grade (A / B / C / D...)...
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  • Solvent Channel for Report

    Id like to add all 4 Solvent Channels in my Report.  Which formula do i have to use? I have Chormeleon (7.2.10) and i use an Agilent HPLC. 
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  • How to write a stopprogramm for an HPLC? (1260 Infinty II)

    How to write a stopprogramm for an HPLC? (1260 Infinty II) 
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  • how to turn off pump if runnin out of solvent?

    Our pump don't stop if the level of solvents goes under the limit we set.   We flagged the  -prevent analys if level falls below "volume" -turn off pump if runnin out of solvent   but the system onl...
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  • G2455-85001 HSA Peptide Standard Mix Kit

    Hi community! I need know HSA Peptide Standard Mix Kit composition (G2455-85001). On the Agilent web site in Safety Data SheetsI don't found information about composition.   Thanks!
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  • The requested Operation can not be performed with this tray.

    I am attempting to run the amino acid analysis protocol from the Woodward and Henderson paper "High-Speed Amino Acid Analysis (AAA) on 1.8 µM Reversed-Phase (RP) Columns" (https://www.agilent.com/cs/library/Supp...
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  • How to change HPLC chromatograph properties?

    Hello everybody. I am using Agilent InfinityLab LC Series 1260 Infinity II HPLC. On top of that, it is connected to a radio-flow detector because mostly we use radiolabelled chemicals and trace them using HPLC in plan...
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  • Calibration curve

    My calibration curve is working good and I keep checking the validity of curve by running QC samples all the time when sample are analyzed  . My question, is there minimum validity  period (expiry) of  ...
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  • G4204-60090

    Hi community! Help me please, this G4204-81090 Low pressure mixer assembly for Agilent 1290 Infinity Quaternary Pump is a replacement G4204-60090?    I enclosing photo of the requi...
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  • Collection of LC (HPLC) Resources

    Here is a "best of" collection of links to manuals and tools for HPLC on Agilent.com, for other instruments refer to Collection of Support Documents on Agilent.com.   Collection of LC (HPLC) Resources   ...
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  • How to broadening the analysis Range of an Infinity II ELSD 1290 - G7102A

    I'm working with an Infinity 2  ELSD 1290 - G7102A to analyse Phospholipids in a fat sample. The range of the detector is limited to 70 000 LSU what is round about 100 µg/analyte. Is this already the p...
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  • Xcalibur 2.2 could not detect Agilent LC 1200

    We have Thermo Xcalibur 2.2 to control both Agilent LC1200 stack and Thermo TSQ quantum Ultra,  but Xcalibur could not recognize Agilent LC although it can see TSQ MS. it always says " pump/autosampler report a f...
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  • hplc method validation_linearity

    Goodmorning to everybody, I'm trying to validate an HPLC method for the analysis of curcuminoids in a dietary supplement preparation. I read lot of papers (and ICH guidelines) about validation but I can't understand...
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  • RID stabilization

    I am having trouble in stabilizing my RID detector. Please provide me proper procedure for stabilization and getting good baseline in RID. Also when i am joining the column or removing the column there is no effect on...
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  • Softgel sample preparation for HPLC

    Hi, I have to analyze curcumin and other actives in softgel of dietary supplements. I've already analyzed them using a small amount of the filler with good results. BTW my boss told me that a small amount of the analy...
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