• Is there reversed phase media for unpolar mobile phases?

    In order to get another solution for LC, I would try to separate lipids on RP's, but these are still soluble in very unpolar solvents. So are there any reversed phases which are stable against more unpolar mobile phas...
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  • RID stabilization

    I am having trouble in stabilizing my RID detector. Please provide me proper procedure for stabilization and getting good baseline in RID. Also when i am joining the column or removing the column there is no effect on...
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  • Softgel sample preparation for HPLC

    Hi, I have to analyze curcumin and other actives in softgel of dietary supplements. I've already analyzed them using a small amount of the filler with good results. BTW my boss told me that a small amount of the analy...
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  • HPLC trouble shutting down with Emower3

    HPLC-won't shutdown at end of sequence using empower 3- waters phone support says that it may not be possible with their software combined with the Agilent 1260/1290 HPLC I am using. Please let me know if anyone ...
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  • Cannabis testing lab - chemstation issues with concentrate baseline & calcs

    We have agilent 1100 series (HPLC with vacuum degasser, binary pump, autosampler, thermostated column compartment and MWD).  UV & Vis were on, along with the pump, 30 mins before the run.  Baseline was p...
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  • Error message (No RUN.LOG file created of current run)

    Hi there,   I am having problems with an HPLC 1100 series using ChemStation version B.03.01 SR1 on Windows XP SP3. I turn on the instrument and everything seems to be working properly. All components are green....
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  • Agilent approach of using ACE for Qualification

    qualification When Agilent does qualification of any Agilent HPLC/GC/GCMS using agilent software, Agilent use ACE technology for generating results. From the data integrity point of view in pharmaceutical industry, t...
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  • sodium butyrate by HPLC

    Hi guys, I have to analyze a sample of sodium butyrate (powder from dietary supplement) in HPLC without using phosphate buffer. I've found this method but it seems it doesn't work.. mobile phases: A water 1% formic ...
    created by anto
  • The requested Operation can not be performed with this tray.

    I am attempting to run the amino acid analysis protocol from the Woodward and Henderson paper "High-Speed Amino Acid Analysis (AAA) on 1.8 µM Reversed-Phase (RP) Columns" (https://www.agilent.com/cs/library/Supp...
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  • Simple example of command line instruction to run a specific method & sequence on fraction collector

    Hello all,   Does anyone have a simple example of a LC-OpenLab command line instruction to load a specific method & sequence  on a 1260 Fraction Collector?   More specifically, suppose I have just...
    Andrew Tom
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  • Xcalibur 2.2 could not detect Agilent LC 1200

    We have Thermo Xcalibur 2.2 to control both Agilent LC1200 stack and Thermo TSQ quantum Ultra,  but Xcalibur could not recognize Agilent LC although it can see TSQ MS. it always says " pump/autosampler report a f...
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  • Agilent 1200 Firmware upgrade issue

    We have Agilent G1312B, 1367C autosampler and G1316B column compartment, we just installed openlab C.01.09 into our surface book laptop with window 10 pro, when we did the installation, system check found some problem...
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    Hi, I have added 5 named peaks in my calibration table but results are based on only 1 calibration curve.   While I am reporting, results for all calibration peaks coming to the report rather than just I want...
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  • hplc method validation_linearity

    Goodmorning to everybody, I'm trying to validate an HPLC method for the analysis of curcuminoids in a dietary supplement preparation. I read lot of papers (and ICH guidelines) about validation but I can't understand...
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  • Collection of LC (HPLC) Resources

    Here is a "best of" collection of links to manuals and tools for HPLC on Agilent.com, for other instruments refer to Collection of Support Documents on Agilent.com.   Collection of LC (HPLC) Resources   ...
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  • "Ghost-Peaks"

    Hi everybody. because of we have no further idea I now try it here. Since a few days I have a ghost peak in my method. It's the same with 2 different LC Systems and 3 different columns. Further I opened new bottles...
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  • No data acquisition, module 35900E

    Hello, we have LC Agilent 1260 infinity, with fraction collector and module 35900E both agilent. The module is connected to pH and conductivity meter,which we dont use for almost two years. We have manual injection. R...
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  • Connecting 1100 stack to Xcalibur via ethernet, Quatpump not detected.  All others are detected. 

    I suspect a firmware issue.  When chemstation is attached it list FW as: Xcalibur "Getting Connected" states it requires firmware. A.06.01 [012]   Chemstation lists firmware for units as: Diode-array det...
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  • How to use Firmware update tool to install earlier FW?

    Hi All, I got the FW 2.10 tool and library of files.  When I used the tool and pressed the green arrow it updated to the latest FW version.  How do install an earlier version?   Thanks, Bill
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  • Validation

    what is the percentage recovery for micro nutrient in dietary supplement ?
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