• Help Needed Resolving a Wavy Baseline on a 1260 Quaternary System

    We are having baseline problems with two 1260 systems.  Both systems have quaternary pumps (G711B) with VWD (G7114A) detectors.  At a detection wavelength 254 nm with the pump flowing at 1 mL/min 90% A (H2O)...
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  • The Openlab software shows an EMF: Liters pumped through left drive assemblyared

    I am now using the HPLC infinity 1260 with the software Openlab (Version A.01.02), the software shows an EMF now as shown in the attached photo. I know  EMF means Early Maintenance Feedback, but what should I do ...
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  • No flow, no pressure

    Agilent 1260 infinity ii, there is no flow and no pressure.  Was working fine yesterday, and was serviced two months ago and fitted with all new fittings etc.  Can someone point me to a direction of what cou...
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  • PTFE frit in Quat Pump always dirty

    Hello! I have slightly increased the amount of use my HPLC gets but I am having to change the PTFE frit in the Quat pump what seems like a lot more often. Probably once to twice a month. Is there anything else that an...
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  • Pump not ready, waiting remote

    Hi everybody, We have an LC-MS 1260 infinity II connected to the MSD G6125C. We have not problem using the LC-MS system, but when using only LC,  we have a problem. The information shows us in the pump. Not read...
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  • How to check leak sensor of Agilent Hplc?

    Hello   Is there any way to measure or check Agilent leak sensor to know if it work good or not?   Also, Is there any way to ignore the leak sensors by disconnect it from PCB or if there any way to not use...
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  • 1290 not connecting

    Our 1290 was working fine until we moved it a couple of feet to another bench. Now, the modules don’t want to connect, they show yellow lights upon startup. Going into LabAdvisor, it says “Could not conne...
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  • HPLC Degasser/ Gradient Pump "No Vacuum"

    Hello, I've just yesterday encountered a problem with our HPLC (Agilent 1220 LC model). After a full day of sample prep I found I couldn't run my sequence as my gradient pump would never switch to ready in Chemstatio...
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  • Problems with method transfer

    Hi! I have a gradient method using aqueous and acetonitrile phases and I use Agilent 1260 infinity I system. I need to transfer this method to Agilent 1260 Infinity II prime, but a had problems. using 1260, I had grea...
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  • Chrom has repeatative sharp drops found during maintenance.

    Hey all, I am using an Agilent system with a Quat pump, a VWD, a restriction capillary, and water as my mobile. No injections were performed. Lamp was exchanged and the flow cell rebuilt.  New OBV, rebuilt pump...
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  • Troublshooting on quaternary pump

    Thanks a lot for your help. I fixed the problems I had on the pump but new troubleshooting appeared when I started the device, please find attached the screenshot of different error messages displayed on the pump logb...
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  • Best Practices for Using an Agilent LC System

    Here is some good info on taking care of your LC including shutdown to store your system and power up and general  housekeeping, https://www.agilent.com/cs/library/usermanuals/public/BestPractice_en.pdf 
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  • Pump leak HPLC 1260 G1312b module

    Hello,   I am attempting to troubleshoot a leak on an Agilent 1260 G1312B binary pump. I cannot see any leaks, but my I know there is one because my leak test (pressure test) is failing with the blanking nu...
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  • How to write a stopprogramm for an HPLC? (1260 Infinty II)

    How to write a stopprogramm for an HPLC? (1260 Infinty II) 
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  • Hello, how to prepare agilent 1260 inf. II for long storage?

    Hello, how to prepare agilent 1260 inf. II for long storage? ( which solvent, or solvent mix is the most suitable)? Thx
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  • how to turn off pump if runnin out of solvent?

    Our pump don't stop if the level of solvents goes under the limit we set.   We flagged the  -prevent analys if level falls below "volume" -turn off pump if runnin out of solvent   but the system onl...
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  • 95% Mobile A giving sigmoidal UV trace?

    Has anyone come across this pump issue (see attached trace)?  I have an excessive UV sigmoidal trace (214nm) with at 95% Mobile A, but seems to go away at 100% and is limited above 20%.  This is a binary pum...
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  • Purge valve open, pressure detected

    Hi everyone,   I am trying to troubleshoot an issue with Agilent binary pump G1312B.   With purge valve open, flow rate set at 1 mL/min, I am receiving a pressure reading of ~7 bar. I am also noticing a sl...
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  • Bad pump that passes diagnostic tests?

    Hey guys, Our gradient test has been failing, got a new MCGV, replaced inlet and outlet filters, rotor seals, frits, switched degassers, switched lamp, cleaned flow cell, and still get a lot of drift...particularly w...
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  • G2455-85001 HSA Peptide Standard Mix Kit

    Hi community! I need know HSA Peptide Standard Mix Kit composition (G2455-85001). On the Agilent web site in Safety Data SheetsI don't found information about composition.   Thanks!
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