• Issue in G7129B - Sample Cooler

    Hello folks.   I have a problem with my Agilent G7129B, more precisely in Sample Cooler. Running Sample Cooler Function Test the follow errors message appears. EE 30790 EE 30751 I know the error ID 30751 is as...
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  • G2455-85001 HSA Peptide Standard Mix Kit

    Hi community! I need know HSA Peptide Standard Mix Kit composition (G2455-85001). On the Agilent web site in Safety Data SheetsI don't found information about composition.   Thanks!
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  • G4204-60090

    Hi community! Help me please, this G4204-81090 Low pressure mixer assembly for Agilent 1290 Infinity Quaternary Pump is a replacement G4204-60090?    I enclosing photo of the requi...
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  • Error message RP1203 when trying to generate a report

    The error message RP1203 shows up when I try to generate a report, whereas it was working nicely before. I did not change anything in the settings. Could you please help me to fix this issue?
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  • Cirrus GPC Short Tutorial

    Quick guide to running calibration and samples in Cirrus GPC add-on for Chemstation.  This was created by myself for a customer and has been uploaded in Word format for future editing if desired.   This is ...
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  • Agilent 1200 Firmware upgrade issue

    We have Agilent G1312B, 1367C autosampler and G1316B column compartment, we just installed openlab C.01.09 into our surface book laptop with window 10 pro, when we did the installation, system check found some problem...
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  • no connection between the module of my hplc 1260 infinity agilent with the software

    Hi evryone, My colleague has deconnected the LAN cable from the software to clean around, now after a reconnection the light on the module that indicate the statut are black, the software can not recognise the ip adr...
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  • Is it possible for frozen DMSO eluent to damage a GPC guard column?

    We had two guard columns block up mysteriously and irreversibly overnight while running on DMSO, which has never happened before. Last time we successfully used this column set, the same machine in the same location w...
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