• I am currently getting an ADC communication error and ERI 5 V overcurrent error on my VWD detector. Is there any fix I can try to remedy these errors?

    As stated above I am getting some strange errors while trying to turn on my detector. The detector is a VWD and attached to a 1200 series unit. Any idea how to get rid of the ADC communication error and ERI 5 V overcu...
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  • Why does RID signal shut down for no apparent reason?

    Hi, I've been experiencing some issues with a RID, used as the only detector. At any moment, and for no apparent reason, the RID stops (yellow label), displaying in the tooltip a "balancing error". When cli...
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  • Help Needed Resolving a Wavy Baseline on a 1260 Quaternary System

    We are having baseline problems with two 1260 systems.  Both systems have quaternary pumps (G711B) with VWD (G7114A) detectors.  At a detection wavelength 254 nm with the pump flowing at 1 mL/min 90% A (H2O)...
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  • G1362A RID Diode Balance. -1 or 1

    Hello, while trying to balance the diodes in our RID we discovered that no matter how small of an adjustment is made the signal will only vary from -1 to 1.  The detector has been purged for hours with water and ...
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  • Upgrade MWD to DAD

    Good Morning, I would like to ask you if there is an update to pass the MWD G7165A detector to DAD WR G7115A which has spectral capability. In previous HPLC series, there was update product G1315-68720 Thanks and regards
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  • How to check leak sensor of Agilent Hplc?

    Hello   Is there any way to measure or check Agilent leak sensor to know if it work good or not?   Also, Is there any way to ignore the leak sensors by disconnect it from PCB or if there any way to not use...
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  • Universal Interface Box

    We are in the process of installing an on-line DOC analyzer to our Agilent 1100 HPLC. We are running ChemStation (version B/04.01 SP1 (650)). We need to purchase a Universal Interface Box (UIB), and the vendor is sugg...
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  • 1290 not connecting

    Our 1290 was working fine until we moved it a couple of feet to another bench. Now, the modules don’t want to connect, they show yellow lights upon startup. Going into LabAdvisor, it says “Could not conne...
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  • Working with different regional voltage module (G7102A ELSD)

    I am in the US and one of our plants in France will be shipping their ELSD (G7102A) to me for troubleshooting. I realize the regional voltages are different. What is the best way for me to power this module? Thanks in...
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  • Open-Lab CDS 2.3 version

    Dear all, Just quick help needed, basically we are using Ezchrom wherein the area response is in millions but last year we moved to open lab CDS2.3 version, in this software with the same concentration of sample and ...
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  • LC-RID ugly peak

        hi, We had a ugly peak with LC-RID and I was wondering why.   sample is 100% water, and solvent is 100% water. I changed sample and solvent bottle water on the day I analyzed this. Equilibrated ...
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  • Artefact peak in RI chromatogram

    Hi,  I am working with a RI detector.(1200 agilent) My eluant ist 800 MeOH, 100 Water, 100 0.1M ammonium acetate  I have a problem at about 3 minutes. In some chromatograms, a peak is present but in other...
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  • 1220 VWD Holmium Oxide Test Aborted by System

    Hello everyone   I was performing the Holmium Oxide test in Lab Advisor for a 1220 Infinity LC VL and it was aborted with this message "holmium filter test in FW timed out!". At first, I thought it was rela...
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  • maintenance instrument

    Hello ! I need you help I study is HPLC, and i need the information about pump, autoinjector, detector and etc. Me need the technical infomation. In the user manual a lot of information but where i take information ...
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  • Noisy DAD @280 nm baseline during run.  Changed lamp to no avail.

    I also changed the column and guard cartridge too.  This didn't help either.  Any suggestions would be most welcome.  TIA!
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  • Chrom has repeatative sharp drops found during maintenance.

    Hey all, I am using an Agilent system with a Quat pump, a VWD, a restriction capillary, and water as my mobile. No injections were performed. Lamp was exchanged and the flow cell rebuilt.  New OBV, rebuilt pump...
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  • what it is liquide in the cell

    Hello ! tell me please I'm interestening, what it is liquide in the cell, why is she needed, and why is neded the wire? see attached file below. regard, Azrael
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  • UV Lamp hours keep  increasing when HPLC system is at standby mode

    Hi, Can you please provide me reason Why UV lamp hours of G1315A detector keep increasing even if 1100 HPLC system is at standby mode and instrument part i.e pump, lamp, thermostat and auto sampler is off after last ...
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  • Best Practices for Using an Agilent LC System

    Here is some good info on taking care of your LC including shutdown to store your system and power up and general  housekeeping, https://www.agilent.com/cs/library/usermanuals/public/BestPractice_en.pdf 
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  • How to connect CAD detector to 1290

    I need to connect CAD detector to 1290 with Chromeleon software
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