• negative peak-help me please

    Good afternoon   I am working with tuberous root to know monosaccharides, the sample does not have any types of processing ( enzymatic hydrolysis). An Agilent 1260 Infinity with IR detector and Agilent Hi-Plex H...
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  • G2455-85001 HSA Peptide Standard Mix Kit

    Hi community! I need know HSA Peptide Standard Mix Kit composition (G2455-85001). On the Agilent web site in Safety Data SheetsI don't found information about composition.   Thanks!
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  • G4204-60090

    Hi community! Help me please, this G4204-81090 Low pressure mixer assembly for Agilent 1290 Infinity Quaternary Pump is a replacement G4204-60090?    I enclosing photo of the requi...
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  • Tengo problemas con un HPLC 1050 que el software HP ChemStation Rev. A.06.03 no me reconoce los módulos. Los conecto a través de un conversor analógico digital HP 35900 C.

    En el adjunto explico todo el problema con fotos.
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  • Cannabis testing lab - chemstation issues with concentrate baseline & calcs

    We have agilent 1100 series (HPLC with vacuum degasser, binary pump, autosampler, thermostated column compartment and MWD).  UV & Vis were on, along with the pump, 30 mins before the run.  Baseline was p...
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  • G1329B  fatal error EE 4020, 3020.

    Looks like the needle is stuck in the 'up position' as it does not move and the error only occurs when I try to start a run or tell it to reset the needle.
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  • What is the best UPS to use with the HPLC systems from Agilent?

    I need to make sure that if the power cuts out the systems are able to shut down properly and save whatever experiments were being run in order to prevent data loss.
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