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Liquid Chromatography

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Hi,  We have UV-Vis DAD (G4212B, 1260 infinity Agilent). After turning on the UV lamp and waiting for the UV signal to become stable, we have noticed a continued increase in the board temperature (while constant optical unit temperature) for more than 2 hrs as well as unstable UV signal.   Your help with troubleshooting the problem will be… (Show more)
in Liquid Chromatography
In order to get another solution for LC, I would try to separate lipids on RP's, but these are still soluble in very unpolar solvents. So are there any reversed phases which are stable against more unpolar mobile phases similar to a gradient like Hexane/iso-Propanole/Water (0/80/20 to 80/20/0 in 15 min) or Chloroform/Methanol (80/20) isocratic?
in Liquid Chromatography
I am having trouble in stabilizing my RID detector. Please provide me proper procedure for stabilization and getting good baseline in RID. Also when i am joining the column or removing the column there is no effect on the RID baseline.
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i have an agilent 1200 with desgasser g1322a. i have an error signal after 10 minutes of working. i open inisde and didnt see any leaks. im not sure why it is the reason. please support. i primed with IPA all the chaneels. but still the same.
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A student the other day asked me the principle of operation of the Agilent HPLC leak sensors. Any one know how they work.
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Click to view contentGood Morning,   We are seeing an issue that not many people have seen including at Agilent UK and Crawford Scientific UK.   Before starting a sequence the HPLC is in a steady state, and everything is ready, then we click to run a sequence. The modules all go purple and state "Pre-run" and the auto sample goes yellow and states "Not Ready: Wait… (Show more)
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In the previous two blog posts (Choosing the right pore size for SEC and Importance of silica particle strength for Sub-2 µm SEC columns), we discussed how the physical properties of the silica, such as pore size, pore volume, and particle strength, affect SEC performance. In this post, we would like to discuss the effect of bio-inertness of… (Show more)
Hey. I have the task of analyzing an Antec Decade Elite electrochemical detector. Now, the detector is connected through the com port to the ADC, but I know that it is possible to connect it using LAN. For this connection, it is necessary to upgrade the detector to a new firmware and install the driver for Agilen Chemstation. I am using… (Show more)
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Hello,   We have a 1290 Infinity high speed pump and monitor the pressure continuously. Over the past 3 months, I've noticed a small dip in the pressure trace which has become more prominent over time (circled on image below in red). The method gradient is below; this dip corresponds with the gradient switching back to initial method… (Show more)
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EE 29185   Hello, one week ago we installed a new degasser on our 1260 Infinity 2. After some days of usage, today the pressure is fluctuating and I can't do the leak test....getting this error   EE 29185   what can I do?
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