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Liquid Chromatography

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Got a weird problem today.  I have an LC1100 with chemstation that was working fine until today.  When I launched it, the chemstation loaded up but it the system diagram didn't load.  If you go to view->system diagram, it won't load that way either and on the left-bottom of the screen it will give an error 'A register is empty'.  Nothing has been… (Show more)
in Liquid Chromatography
Hello! I have slightly increased the amount of use my HPLC gets but I am having to change the PTFE frit in the Quat pump what seems like a lot more often. Probably once to twice a month. Is there anything else that anyone thinks that could be causing it to get dirty? Or is it more likely to just be from just the increased usage? We do not have a… (Show more)
in Liquid Chromatography
I would to add reference range for some method like vitamin C or E  in report to identify for doctors the result is high or normal but each method has different range  Open-Lab CDS 2.3 version
in Liquid Chromatography
As stated above I am getting some strange errors while trying to turn on my detector. The detector is a VWD and attached to a 1200 series unit. Any idea how to get rid of the ADC communication error and ERI 5 V overcurrent issue?
in Liquid Chromatography
Hi, I've been experiencing some issues with a RID, used as the only detector. At any moment, and for no apparent reason, the RID stops (yellow label), displaying in the tooltip a "balancing error". When clicking then on "Balancing", it doesn't help, but opening the purge valve for a few minutes fixes the problem (green label back). This happens… (Show more)
in Liquid Chromatography
We are having baseline problems with two 1260 systems.  Both systems have quaternary pumps (G711B) with VWD (G7114A) detectors.  At a detection wavelength 254 nm with the pump flowing at 1 mL/min 90% A (H2O) and 10% B (acetonitrile), there is considerable waviness in the baseline.  I am using a restriction capillary to eliminate any column… (Show more)
in Liquid Chromatography
We have an open lab data processing platform and would like to store the data directly into one drive instead of the D drive in the computer. Just wondering if anyone has successfully done this? Thank you!
in Liquid Chromatography
The auto sampler model G1329B 1260 is having high back pressure without column. So far we had been doing the following: Rotor seal is replaced  Injection valve is cleaned Metering Head is cleaned Sample Loop is replaced Needle seat is replaced Needle is replaced Pump is cleaned too. All tubing lines connected to the injection valve were… (Show more)
in Liquid Chromatography
I have a New G1323B and I have it connected to CAN on my 1100 system. It powers up fine and display is clean and clear.  None of the function buttons work.  Is there a firmware update to get this controller on line ??  Thanks !
in Liquid Chromatography
Hi everyone, i have Agilent 1260 Infinity HPLC. This morning,the gripper of the Autosampler(G1329B,1260 ALS) refused to work. Can anyone help me out ?
in Liquid Chromatography
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