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Liquid Chromatography

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Click to view contentAgilent Support Insights   This Information Applies To: Agilent Lab Advisor   Issue: Lab Advisor Software provides state-of-the-art tests, tools, and calibrations to support you in the daily operation, maintenance, and basic troubleshooting tasks.  This article describes how to add a new Agilent LC system within Lab Advisor.      Steps to follow:…
in Liquid Chromatography
I am trying to optimize a method for narcotics to include buprenorphine and norbuprenorphine.  Why is there a significant change in response (AUC) for these two analytes when the flow and gradient are changed?  None of the other 11 analytes perform this way.  The same mobile phases and instrument conditions (other than flow and gradient) are being… (Show more)
in Liquid Chromatography
Hello,  Can we  save  two different calibration curve ( i.e. one calibration curve set for reference std of API and second set of mixture of impurities standards) in one method for HPLC analysis? i.e. I have to run  one set of std. for API and one set of std. of impurities in one sequence by one method how can we create two different report… (Show more)
in Liquid Chromatography
I am using an Agilent Infinity II 1290 Flexible pump and would like to start the gradient profile a fixed time before an injection is made.  I am using Empower 3 for acquisition and control.  Is there a "simple" way to do this, or is there a trick that can be used?  Waters has built this functionality into their instruments with Empower.  I am… (Show more)
in Liquid Chromatography
Agilent Support Insights   This Information Applies To:  All Agilent LC systems.    Issue: After analyzing dirty or concentrated samples, some sample compounds may retain in the column and other parts of the HPLC system. If the column re-equilibration after each run is not enough to elute the retained compounds, you will notice several performance…
in Liquid Chromatography
Is is possible to connect the 2D pump of my Agilent 2DLC to a thermo Scientific mass spectrometer using a contact closure cable so that every time a cut is taken from 1D and moved to the 2D, the mass spec aquisition is triggered (essentially as for a normal HPLC, although in this case the contact closure signal is initiated by the autosampler)?
in Liquid Chromatography
Hello! The original computer to the LC1100 crashed and I am working on connecting the LC1100 to our replacement computer as a stand alone setup.    I have made a connection to the DAD by setting the DIP switches 5 and 6 on the G1369A card to up but none of the other modules appear online. I read on one of the other post that I should perform a… (Show more)
in Liquid Chromatography
Hi I have a G1313A autosampler and after some modification in transport assembly, mis-alignment of sample tray had occurred.  I found in the reference manual (attached) sample tray alignment can be done with 1100 Control Module G1323B but I do not have it. Is there any alternative way to align the sample tray of G1313A without using G1329B? Also… (Show more)
in Liquid Chromatography
Hi all,   I have a headache on reporting hoping someone can rescue my brain.   I need tail factor and resolution values. So I tried to drag 'Tail Factor' and 'Resolution USP' under 'Peak' into report. The names showed up, but the values did not. Then I found the Extended Performance Report including those two values, I tried a second time. The… (Show more)
in Liquid Chromatography
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