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Liquid Chromatography

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Hi,   For Agilent LC 1220 infinity series users, how do you monitor the back pressure?    Thanks, Afizah
in Liquid Chromatography
I have a G1315C detector that fails "Lowest Intensity Test" in the 190-220 nm range (1867 counts) and the 221-350 nm range (4915 counts). All other intensity values are significantly lower than when conducted a year ago. A new Agilent lamp is installed. All measurements are with flow cell removed from the light path. They were 3000 and 7980… (Show more)
in Liquid Chromatography
Hello, how to prepare agilent 1260 inf. II for long storage? ( which solvent, or solvent mix is the most suitable)? Thx
in Liquid Chromatography
Hi everybody – this week instead of giving you a couple of tips myself, I want to point you toward a whole bunch of tips from my colleague, Rita.  The group she’s in offers monthly webinars, all of which I think are valuable, but there are two older webinars from this series that I think are especially useful to this audience.   The first one is… (Show more)
Hi all, Just quickly I'm using OpenLAB CDS Acquisition version 2.3 and running SEC on a predefined method. I was hoping to be able to add ranks to the report. We assign samples that we run a grade (A / B / C / D...) based off pre-defined constant values. This is based off of RT and % peak. As well as the ranks, I'd also like to have a column in… (Show more)
in Liquid Chromatography
I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but we would like to collect availability/uptime data from our HPLC systems (we use 1100, 1200 and 1260 series). We have another system that calculates OEE from several types of machines and now we'd like to add HPLCs to this system. We want to know in real time when the system is running, not… (Show more)
in Liquid Chromatography
Due to this, I need to restart the sampler almost every day, it seems to me It could be a software problem.
in Liquid Chromatography
Hello everyone   I was performing the Holmium Oxide test in Lab Advisor for a 1220 Infinity LC VL and it was aborted with this message "holmium filter test in FW timed out!". At first, I thought it was related to some FW issue so I updated the FW to the last one released in December (B.07.28 [0006]) and perform the test. It was aborted by the… (Show more)
in Liquid Chromatography
Hi everyone,    I'm currently experiencing an issue with the 1260 autosampler arm hitting the removable left wall of the autosampler chamber and erroring out (theta axis timeout). Currently, the system is able to pass the auto-alignment fine as well as start up diagnostics; however when the system tries to run a sample not on the far right sight… (Show more)
in Liquid Chromatography
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