• Polar stationary phases and hydrogen as carrier gas in GC

    Hello Agilent,   Could hydrogen used as carrier gas in capillary gas chromatography harm or degrade some types of polar stationary phases?   Best regards - Lars Kürstein, Copenhagen
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  • MSD Chemstation won't open - message "in use by another session"

    Cannot get MSD Chemstation to open - get a message "Mass Spec is already in use by another session".  Version G1701EA E.02.02.1431 / WIN 10 operating system.  System was shut down temporarily and on startup,...
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  • Column outlet pressure

    Hi, Please could you suggest what impact setting the column outlet pressure to ambient instead of vacuum when connected to a MSD could have? Thanks
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  • Shutdown method after sequence for GCs

    I am interested to know if there are any convenient ways of cooling or switching off the oven after the end of a GC sequence. It occurred to me the other day when I arrived on a Monday morning to find one GC/MS at hig...
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  • Fatal Sequence Error Detected

    7890A GC / 5975C MS tandem system   The log file shows 'Fatal sequence error detected after a run is complete and there is no chromatogram/MS data available for the sample. Can anyone help with what the cause mi...
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  • GC USP Alcohol method for methanol limit test injection had retention time shift

    GC USP Alcohol method for methanol limit test injection had retention time shift from 3.5 minutes with ~10M area counts to 20 minutes with area count 700K. Checked or replaced liner/O-ring, septum, carrier gas fl...
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  • GC 8890 doesnt want to run sequence. Prompt system fault (error code 1000600a)

    Hi Agilent Community, Good day! We have just completed our installation for GC/MSD on last Friday 18 September 2020. Today, 22 Sep 2020, is our first GC run on our own, and we have made a sequence to run. However...
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  • What corretc PN to FID EPC Module ?

    Hi guys: What is the correct Part number for the 7890 FID EPC module ? I am finding three differents PN : G3431-60531 - FID EPC Module G3470-60501 - EPC Aux Flow G3431-60831 - FID EPC Manifold   Thanks
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  • How many injections were made?

    Hello,   I would like to know how many injections were made on a 7820A Agilent GC between 2 dates. Is there a way through the software (Openlab CDS Chemstation GC Agilent) to find this information? Thank ...
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  • Tailing of unretained species in GC-MS

    See pic below. We use a HS-GC/MS for biological specimens. I recently did some method development and noticed that the unretained species is tailing so bad that my early eluter target is out of acceptance criteria. I ...
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  • 8890 GCs very nosiy - power save mode available?

    Hello, we have two new 8890 GCs in our lab. Unfortunately the base noise of the instruments are very noisy. We are working closed to the instruments, so it is hard hear that noise the whole day.   Is there a ...
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  • CP-4900 MicroGC Channel 3 shows -554.7 Autozero value. It has been suggested the TCD may be dead, however the other two TCD's report less than 50. The marketing images for these systems suggest the separate GC channels are swappable. Is this so. Would I b

    CP-4900 MicroGC Channel 3 shows -554.7 Autozero value. It has been suggested the TCD may be dead. It reports no signal, however the other two TCD's report less than 50 Autozero and work fine. The marketing images for ...
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  • Hello. I am having power interruptions at my lab. Since Agilent does not recommend the use of a UPS, can anybody please recommend an approved surge protector? My GCs range from 5890s to 7890s.  Maximum wattage about 6000 KW. Thank you.

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  • OpenLab CDS Calibration reporting issues

    Hi,    I have been using OpenLab CDS for a little while now and using the report editor function have been able to generate reports for our labs GC analysis, that provides our data in the way that we requir...
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  • TCD no peaks after extended shutdown of GC

    Hello Agilent Community, We shut down our 7890B GC (G3440B) a few months ago and I just turned it back on. First, I had to re-assign the license and re-establish the network connection for some reason, but I was a...
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  • Longevity of single cap column (GC)

    I use a single cap (Agilent 122-133 UI) column for HS-GC-MS of biological specimens. The column only lasts about 4 months when running 3 batches a week (70 samples per batch). Is there something I can do to enhance th...
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  • Gas Leak Detector

    Hi all, Can anyone help me with any link about maintenance gas leak detector ? Regards Dheya
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  • Varian 450-GC connection to pc

    I have the varian-450 GC working with an old pc and I want to change the pc, what do I need to do for the software to work properly with the GC?
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  • Updating Agilent 8890 with GC Firmware breaks Inlet maintenance menu?

    The menu "Inlets Maintenance" (Maintenance/Front Inlet) is showing ALS counters after upgrading Agilent GC 8890 to firmware to v2.1.0.626. Pressing the "Perform Maintenance" link text only allows for "Replace Syringe"...
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  • Leak test 7890B

    Hello ! please tell me where I can see a description of how to conduct a leak test and other tests on the 7890B chromatograph. I can’t find it on the site. regards Azrael
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