• Agilent 8860 retention time shift on only one column, for only one injection

    We have been encountering this problem since shortly after installation, and while it is not a large problem and so haven't made too much fuss over it, it is still odd and can be quite inconvenient. We run our GC with...
    created by kvigneau
  • 990Micro GC - remote start option

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    created by ktpandian
  • Strange 6890 GC issue

    Hi everyone I have a strange issue to report. We are using a 6890GC with FID and TCD that was upgraded many years ago to give use LAN communication rather than GPIB. It works great even though it is over 20 years ol...
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  • Post Your GC Selfie!

    Who has the longest running Agilent GC?! Post your GC Selfie and showcase how long your system has been running. What is the name of your GC? How many GC injections? Register or login to post your picture as a selfie,...
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