• GC freezing mid-sequence

    We've been having issues with our 7890B gas chromatograph. We have it connected to a workstation running Windows 7 SP1 and OpenLab/Chemstation version C.01.07 [27]. We have a Gerstel MPS attached as a headspace sample...
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  • GC Sensitivity Test

    I'm doing Injection Sensitivity test for GC using FID Performance Evaluation Sample Kit. I'm not using an Integrator, I'm using ChemStation. I know that the typical amount obtained using ChemStation is around 4000 pA*...
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  • What could be causing this horrible diluent peak shape for my GC-HS residual solvents method?

    My method details:   GC Conditions: Column: HP-5MS UI (30 x 0.32 x 1.00) Detector: FID (@ 260C) Carrier Gas: He (2 mL/min) Liner: 1mm straight inert (Restek) Inlet Temp: 230C Split: 10:1 Oven Program: 35C...
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  • MassHunter Quant/Qual - How to export all scan spectra automatically post sequence run to .csv files per run

    Good Morning,   We are working on a way to to observe and use the mass spectra automatically when a run is done for every peak per run. We can do this manually but it take a long time as our mixtures are complex...
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  • Can the HP 3396 integrator measure peak asymmetry?

    I have a project where I want to measure peak asymmetry. Doing this manually, even on peaks printed at 30 cm/min chartspeed, is difficult to do accurately and is a lot of work. Is there an easy way around this? On a G...
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  • How to protect GC methods

    We are working wtih a small group on GC-MS. We have a lot of different methods which everybody uses and sometimes small changes are made to methods. But there are a few methods which may never be changed. How can we p...
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  • Older GC uses a SATIN interface.  Newly purchased unit has no SATIN interface.  How can we connect to our EMPOWER system?

    A colleague in our QC group has a newly purchased Agilent GC unit.  Prior units used a SATIN interface to link the GC unit to their EMPOWER software system.  The SATIN box converts the picoAmps signal to mic...
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  • Varian

    Hi community,  what is the Agilent part number  - ferrule 28-694570-00 and 89-999570-00 from Varian? I need Agilent part number Aluminum Crunch Washer 15-003347-00 from Varian! For Varian СP-3800. ...
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  • Fuse, 10 A

    Hi community! Which fuse, 10 Amp use for Agilent 6890N, 5973, 7820?   Thanks!
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  • G3435-60010 FPD signal board, used with series 7820 and 7890 gas chromatography systems

    Hi community! Help me please, I need part G3435-60010 for Agilent 7890A, this FPD signal board obsolete, no replacement recommendation. Whith new part  FPD signal board for Agilent 7890A or Agilent not product t...
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  • Automating method changes from table of values

    Good Evening,   I realize this is a bizzare question but basically what we have is a Dean Switch GCMS system and we use cut windows to determine when the best time is to switch from column 1 (inlet to switch to ...
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  • Transfer from GC 6890 to GC 7890

    Hello,   I got 2 Questions.   First one: I got in the method from our 6890 the parameter "Vent Flow" It has the value 0.1.  On the A7890 this value is not present anymore. 2nd Question: There i...
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  • Old manual and data format information from 3396A integrator?

    Hello! Does anyone have, or know of the availability of, information on the data format transmitted over the RS-232 line from the 3396A integrator? Some of the manuals we have reference a programming manual #3396-903...
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  • How to create a keyword for intelligent sequencing? Specifically changing ion source temperatures mid sequence.

    Good Morning,   I wish to create a keyword or a macro that can control the temperature of the ion source. So what I would like it to do is have a separate line in a sequence where: it can be inserted to change ...
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  • Method Development ChemStation

    I am developing a method to characterize and quantitate amounts of solvent used in vapor degreasers. My question is in regards to ChemStation software. My version is B.04.03(16). Is there a way to enter into Chemstati...
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  • GC6890 serial command

    Hi I use a custom software to control GC6890/FID parsing command through RS-232 connection; I 've only a limited set of commands to control the gc parameters (i.e. zone temp, pressure, FID gas flow ) and I would like...
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  • Run incomplete

    Hello everyone,   I got a question concerning a incomplete run.   It shows "Processing" on a already completed Injection. After the run is finished the Data Analysis show "  no injection" I recently ...
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  • System.IO.Path Too Long Exception

    Hi, I have the problem with GC instrument in our lab. It is Agilent GC-7890B with Agilent MSD-5977B mass selective detector When we open the MassHunter software it appears   Sorry, a system error has occured ...
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  • 5975T Temperature Threshold Problem

    We currently have a 5975T that bypassed temperature thresholds, long story short, the instrument is now out of use because the inlet, isothermal oven, LTM oven and the transfer line all rose to temperature in excess o...
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