• GC 6890 starting runs by itself randomly

    6890 GC with 5975 MS and CTC autosampler; connected through a Y remote cable (p/n G1530-31200).  It appears that the GC is randomly starting runs with the currently loaded method - nothing shows up on the PC in M...
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  • PAL RSI 83 method resolution. If changing from a SPME method to a HS method, should you install the correct tool in the PAL before you open the method requiring the tool?  IF not, how do you resolve without closing connection and ultimately having to rebo

    If I have the SPME tool installed in the PAL RSI 83 and open a HS acquisition method in OpenLabCDS, I get method resolution windows for both the PAL and the method.  When I click on Resolve, with the SPME tool st...
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  • Varian

    Hi community,  what is the Agilent part number  - ferrule 28-694570-00 and 89-999570-00 from Varian? I need Agilent part number Aluminum Crunch Washer 15-003347-00 from Varian! For Varian СP-3800. ...
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  • Fuse, 10 A

    Hi community! Which fuse, 10 Amp use for Agilent 6890N, 5973, 7820?   Thanks!
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  • G3435-60010 FPD signal board, used with series 7820 and 7890 gas chromatography systems

    Hi community! Help me please, I need part G3435-60010 for Agilent 7890A, this FPD signal board obsolete, no replacement recommendation. Whith new part  FPD signal board for Agilent 7890A or Agilent not product t...
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  • GC Sampler 80 elastic cord

    Hello.  We have a GC Sampler 80 on our Agilent GCMS, and the sample arm of the Injection Unit has difficulty returning to position after taking up sample.  We have identified the worn elastic cord as a culpr...
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  • Rentention time standard mixture and N-methyl-N-(trimethylsily)trifluoroacetamide (MSTFA)

    Hi everyone,   A lots of GC-MS literatures are using rentention time index for peak identification, anyone can share experience how to prepare rentention time standard mixture? We are using methoxyamine hydrochl...
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  • Live Webinar April 24:  Turning Up the Heat on WAX Columns Without Getting Burned

    100 % polyethylene glycol columns, also known as WAX columns, are used for a wide variety of applications, such as industrial chemicals, flavours and fragrances. In comparison to polysiloxane stationary phases, the ma...
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  • Preserving peak performance of your GC-MS - Webinar On-demand link

    Preventative maintenance is something most chromatographers know is important, especially when it comes to a Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry systems. Changing the oil and cleaning the ion source are just two very...
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  • Strategies for Optimizing your GC System - WEBINAR Dec 13th

    Presenter: Vanessa Abercrombie (Agilent Technologies, USA) Dates: 13 and 14 December, 2016   This event will broadcast live at three different times: Broadcast #1: Tuesday, 13 December, 7 am PST (California) /...
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