• G1544-50530

    Hi Community, help me please, this part number G1544-50530 was obsolete or it’s nonexistent part number? If this number was obsolete, please will write replacement recommendation.
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  • Problems getting good chromatograpgy on PCB's

    Hi, We recently had a new 7890B installed at our workplace for PCB analysis using congener pattern recognition to identify the particular Aroclor. Previously we used an old 7890A running MSD Chemstation E02.02.1431 an...
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  • ESTD vs ISTD

    071619   Hi,   Which calculation method is better in Chemstation External standard calculation or Internal standard calculation? Is there a way to utilize both for better accuracy and precision? Any releva...
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  • Agilent molded septa and how to tighten them correctly

    The single problem that is seen the most often on GCs is an overtightened septum.  Proper tightness is achieved by screwing down the nut until the "E" clip on top stops moving --- and then only about 1/2 turn mor...
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  • Old manual and data format information from 3396A integrator?

    Hello! Does anyone have, or know of the availability of, information on the data format transmitted over the RS-232 line from the 3396A integrator? Some of the manuals we have reference a programming manual #3396-903...
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  • Am I using the correct detector configuration for my 6890 GC?

    8/7/19   Hello, I have had a fair amount of success with posted questions in this forum, so here is another one. I am interested in knowing more about whether the flame ionization detector I have equipped on my...
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  • Can you switch a 7890A from displaying standard flow rates to actual flow rates?

    Our laboratory operates at an altitude well in excess of 2000 meters above sea level. While standard pressure at sea level is ~14 PSI.  Our pressure is ~11.2 PSI.  This is enough of a difference to affect t...
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  • Method Development ChemStation

    I am developing a method to characterize and quantitate amounts of solvent used in vapor degreasers. My question is in regards to ChemStation software. My version is B.04.03(16). Is there a way to enter into Chemstati...
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  • Integration Issue

    Hi, My method for 6890 GC/FID has a warning message that there are overlapping integrations for some of the compounds, I would like to correct this but unsure how, I know the answer lies in the integration events ta...
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  • Hi, I am developing a GC/FID method for a 6890 that characterizes and quantitates halogenated analytes used in vapor degreasing. My problem is that my results are not precise and I do not have a calculation method to express my results as weight percent (

    I have attached a copy of the method I am currently using. Please review it and let me know if you can assist me.  Thank you!
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  • G4513A sampler - injection reproducibility

    Hello,   I have testet the reproducibility for the G4513A automatic liquid sampler (ALS) against older GC liquid injector models, G1513A and G2613A. The conclusion is that the G4513A ALS does not reproduce the i...
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  • Basic Questions

    Hello,   I got a very basic questions, to explain to a trainee. I recognised that some questions from him  i could not answer for sure.   The carrier Gas is to transport the Sample. The last system we...
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  • Error message on HP 3396 integrator

    Since moving from my last university, my 3396 recorder always gives the error "P/P ERRO" before beginning to plot the chromatogram. It does the plot fine, but every time I hit "start" I get the same errior before it b...
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  • GC6890 serial command

    Hi I use a custom software to control GC6890/FID parsing command through RS-232 connection; I 've only a limited set of commands to control the gc parameters (i.e. zone temp, pressure, FID gas flow ) and I would like...
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  • calibration interval

    What is the recommended calibration interval for TCD , FID and PDHID ?   Any agilent documents talking about this topic
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  • 7697A Autosampler (Headspace)

    Hello, I had a question about measuring temperatures on a 7697A Headspace autosampler. In particular, what type of temperature probe and where would the probe go to measure temperatures at the transferline and sample ...
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  • Update software for GC 6890N

    Hello everyone, i have a GC 6890N and need to updated the software ChemStation.   I have a HP 7694 Headspace Sampler and i can't use this in my GC.   Apparently the problem lies in the software, but i don'...
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  • NPD auto offset ramps too high, shuts down GC.     Packed column longevity.

    Hope your week is going well, can wait for spring to actually arrive.   When we turn auto offset on for either of our GCs, it ramps the output so high that it shuts down.  This is just for the nitrogen phos...
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  • Switch to splitless and now never ending problems, but only on one inlet?

    I am using a GC6890N S/N US10124020 Firmware N.06.07 With auto injector and tray: G4513A, SN:CN1540278, FW:A.10.09 and G4514A, CN15450061, A.10.16.  We were running on the back detector Splitless, pressure:5.4, T...
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  • Rentention time standard mixture and N-methyl-N-(trimethylsily)trifluoroacetamide (MSTFA)

    Hi everyone,   A lots of GC-MS literatures are using rentention time index for peak identification, anyone can share experience how to prepare rentention time standard mixture? We are using methoxyamine hydrochl...
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