• What type of performance difference should I expect from an Agilent 7890B GC with a 7697A Headspace analyzer using a 2mm ID deactivated quartz inlet liner versus a 2mm ID deactivated glass inlet liner? Or should there be any difference at all?

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  • Checking for External Leaks on 7697A Headspace

    Agilent Support Insights   This Information Applies To:  Agilent 7697A Headspace Sampler   Issue: There is a potential leak external to the Headspace unit that can cause loss of pressure. ...
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  • Our Agilent Technologies 7697A Headspace sampling gas chromatographer is currently reading less than 100ppm CO2 on samples of ambient air and of headspace mineral oil samples of >1000ppm CO2. We have an FID and a methaniser for measuring CO and CO2 accura

    CO2 reading below 100ppm on samples of ambient air. CO reading accurately.
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  • Headspace Sampler Shaking Speeds

    I am adapting a method from an Agilent 7694 Headspace sampler to an Agilent 7697A Headspace sampler.  The method states the shaking speed on the 7694 as "HIGH" but the 7697A shaking speed options are 0-9.  D...
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  • Can I increase septum purge flow instead of split flow without diluting sample?

    Hello,   I am having issues with GC-MS using S/SL inlet connect to headspace unit. In order to maintain a minimum total flow of 20mL/min, I need to maintain a minimum split ratio of 11:1. In order to detect...
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  • What could be causing this horrible diluent peak shape for my GC-HS residual solvents method?

    My method details:   GC Conditions: Column: HP-5MS UI (30 x 0.32 x 1.00) Detector: FID (@ 260C) Carrier Gas: He (2 mL/min) Liner: 1mm straight inert (Restek) Inlet Temp: 230C Split: 10:1 Oven Program: 35C...
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  • USP 467 Class 2 mixture C missing from procedure?

    Is there a reason why the preparation for Class 2 mixture C is not included in the procedure? I am wondering if this standard is necessary for residual solvents analysis as per USP <467>? Has anyone attempted to...
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  • Headspace PCM flow error and unsuccessful Steam Clean.

    I'm getting a PCM C aux flow shutdown on 6890 with G1888. I am not getting flow from transfer line. Last time we saw this error, there was a colum restriction so I baked the GC and it resolved the issue. This time a G...
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  • Triethylamine and Piperidine peak sensitivity issues

    Why Triethylamine and Piperidine peaks not elutes sometimes in headspace?? While rest of the peaks are eluting perfectly. Any ideas
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  • Max volume of solution in 10 mL vs 20 mL headspace vial?

    Hello, What is an appropriate amount of solution to place in a headspace vial (10 mL vs 20 mL)? Is there a recommended minimum and maximum volume of solution amount to place in a 10 mL and 20 mL headspace vial?
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  • How to diganose water leak in GC-MS?  15% water, 7% nitrogen.

    Hello, I pumped down a GC-MS (7890B/5977B) overnight and I continue to get a high water reading. My air check readings are as follow: water: 15% N2: 7% O: 2% The 7% N2 is typical for our system since the inlet...
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  • Empower 3 using back or front injector (7890B + ALS + HSS).

    I have an Agilent 7890B equipped with a 7693A Liquid sampler (front) and 7697B Headspace sampler (back). However in Empower the headspace sampler starts moving even though I selected front inlet (ALS) in the inst...
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  • Forgot password OpenLab (manager did too)

    I cannot access to OpenLab software because I had forgot my password. Account manager did forgot too. We can't use our 8860 GC. Is there a way we can unblock and access again? Please help, we need to access....
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  • Headspace 7697A Vs. Headspace G1888

    Hi , Is shaking vial mechanism the same or different between two types of headspace samplers : 7697A Vs. G1888 ? does one of samplers shake more effeciently than the other or is it the same shaking intensity ? ...
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  • GC-MS Air/water check. %N2 higher when using headspace sampler

    Hello, When switching the column from front inlet (direct injection s/sl) to back inlet (headspace s/sl) I am getting a higher Nitrogen reading when performing the air/water check. Is there any obvious reasons for this?
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  • Calculations from Chemstation

    Hello everyone,   Is there any way to get the calculation out of the Chemstation ? We have the problem, that we transfer the methods from the Chemstation to the newer Open Lab 2.1. We successfully passed the st...
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    Hi, when I power on my Headspace 7697A it's show this message "vial EPC SHUTDOWN to restore operation press Vial and on", but when I press "Vial" and "on", the problem showing again
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  • Dimethyl Formamide Peak Broadening

    Hi All,   We are experiencing a very strange issue (very broad peak) with Dimethyl Formamide Solvent when run with one particular residual solvent method utilizing Dimethyl Formamide as Diluent.   Method h...
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  • Varian

    Hi community,  what is the Agilent part number  - ferrule 28-694570-00 and 89-999570-00 from Varian? I need Agilent part number Aluminum Crunch Washer 15-003347-00 from Varian! For Varian СP-3800. ...
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  • Fuse, 10 A

    Hi community! Which fuse, 10 Amp use for Agilent 6890N, 5973, 7820?   Thanks!
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