• GC 8890 doesnt want to run sequence. Prompt system fault (error code 1000600a)

    Hi Agilent Community, Good day! We have just completed our installation for GC/MSD on last Friday 18 September 2020. Today, 22 Sep 2020, is our first GC run on our own, and we have made a sequence to run. However...
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  • 8355 SCD detector low response

    I have my GC/SCD for analyzing butane samples. After I did maintenance on my pump for the SCD, I lost my signal. All I did was change and top off the oil. I was able to get a little response but the rep...
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  • supply voltage PSI module

    Hello! I have a qustion. how can i see the supply voltage on the module PSI ? Azrael
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  • Our Agilent Technologies 7697A Headspace sampling gas chromatographer is currently reading less than 100ppm CO2 on samples of ambient air and of headspace mineral oil samples of >1000ppm CO2. We have an FID and a methaniser for measuring CO and CO2 accura

    CO2 reading below 100ppm on samples of ambient air. CO reading accurately.
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  • Clean CG liner

    Dear Community, hello ¿It's possible to clean my CG liner? This is the number part: 5183-464 (Inlet liner, split, single taper, glass wool, deactivated, low pressure drop)   Thank you!
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  • 6890/7890/8890 Actuators for rotary GSV valves

    Hello Agilent,   One of my colleagues has ordered a replacement actuator (part.no.: 19325-60660) for activating a two-position 10-port rotary valve for GSV injection on a 7890B gas chromatograph. The old actuato...
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  • Can I increase septum purge flow instead of split flow without diluting sample?

    Hello,   I am having issues with GC-MS using S/SL inlet connect to headspace unit. In order to maintain a minimum total flow of 20mL/min, I need to maintain a minimum split ratio of 11:1. In order to detect...
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  • How to diganose water leak in GC-MS?  15% water, 7% nitrogen.

    Hello, I pumped down a GC-MS (7890B/5977B) overnight and I continue to get a high water reading. My air check readings are as follow: water: 15% N2: 7% O: 2% The 7% N2 is typical for our system since the inlet...
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  • Forgot password OpenLab (manager did too)

    I cannot access to OpenLab software because I had forgot my password. Account manager did forgot too. We can't use our 8860 GC. Is there a way we can unblock and access again? Please help, we need to access....
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  • 8890 GC - four detector

    Hello ! I interesting gc8890 and gc7890.  In datasheet the gc 7890 writing about  posible instal 3 detector maximum, but in datasheet gc 8890 writing about  posible 4 detector. I never see 4...
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  • GC 7890B and internet connection

    As the title implies, I need internet connection in the GC 7890B computer for data transfer. We use Labware's online LIMS software and there is a feature for automatic data capture from instrument files, we just need ...
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  • GC and ALS firmware - latest revisions for download?

    Hello Agiilent,   Where do we find information regarding the latest available Agilent instrument firmware revisions for download?   Best regards - Lars
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  • 7890 Thermal AUX component configuration problems

    Instrument: 7890 GC modified for gas injection with a 10-port valco valve. It's dual SS inlet, dual detector FID/TCD.  I have installed some components into the AUX bracket, two heating components into AUX 1 and...
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  • Uneven PDHID Basline

    I am using PDHID from VICI. Suddenly basline started giving uneven basline as per below photo. As per VICI, It is electrical Issue and they recommend to change pulser module and high voltage cable. Both items replaced...
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  • When and  how many internal standards should use for GC MS?

    Dear Researchers I am Rizwan (Ph.D. scholar), researching the area of Fruit biochemistry and post-harvest preservation, As i am new in the field of GC MS, (as i want to do the experiment about the cuticle wax chemic...
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  • I am developing a method for DMF and Acetic acid content using direct injection on GC using wax column. I am getting continuous carry over.  My compound is soluble in methanol using ammonia solution only. kindly help to resolve carry over.

    I am developing a method for DMF and Acetic acid content using direct injection on GC using wax column. I am getting continuous carry over.  My compound is soluble in methanol using ammonia solution only. kindly ...
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  • pressure air generator and module EPC 7890b

    good day! tell my please.. I have the  air generator and his out pressure consist 52 psi, and and air consumption is 1000 ml/min. the EPC module GC 7890b  work in rang 55-80psi. I have 2 detector FID. Tell...
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  • Analysis of trace oxygenates in propylene (or gasoline)

    Hi dear community members! I need your valuable thoughts and suggestions on below issue. In the lab, an analyzer for analysis of trace oxygenates in propylene (or gasoline) is installed (SP1 7890-0178 or G3445 Optio...
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  • 8890 Method

    Hello ! I have the question.. tell my please How many methods can be stored in the 8890?  regards Azrael 
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  • How do I change the firmware on the 8890GC?

    Firmware how do I change it on the 8890GC? Please could you provide instructions on how to do this?   Thanks Deb.
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