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Gas Chromatography

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Click to view contentPlease, can you help me with a problem?  When I open the off-line of the OPEN LAB CDS Chemstation software.  I get the following error:   Can someone tell me what actions can I take to solve the problem?   I look forward to your valuable comments.   Best regards,    Hideaki
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Hello Agilent  The 6890 autosampler controller will not power on. During troubleshooting, we discovered that the capacitors of the 6890 mainboard are leaking. Could the faulty capacitors cause a problem with the controller since the connecting plug/port is so close to the capacitors?    My guess is that I need to replace them both, should I even… (Show more)
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I have set up ASTM D5769 in MSD Chemstation ( Version G1701EA E.02.02.1431 ).  The calibration looks good and my checks generally look good.  But I have a slightly high bias on gasoline samples.  I think my uncalibrated C10 benzenes may be too high and I am wondering if I have that set up properly.  Does anyone know how to correctly set up the… (Show more)
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I currently operate a 7200 QTOF with an 8355 SCD. After changing the hydrogen tank the other day, the upper H2 flow and O3 generator started to have issues. The upper H2 flow is reading a negative flow value, but the lower H2 flow is normal and the O3 generator turns on, but consistently displays that the flow is too low. Eventually they both… (Show more)
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We are currently using the GC model 7890A, 7890B, 3000A with software version B.04.03-SP1, B.01.01.069, A.04.05 Build  in windows 7. We are planning to upgrade the computers connected to the GC to windows 10. I wanted to know if the above software versions and the models support Windows 10.
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Good morning, we have a GC-MS with a DB-HeavyWax Column. Yesterday we changed the column for a new one (the same). The retention times of our samples shifted 8-11 min. Now, the peaks appear 8-11 min later. We are using a flow of 1.8 mL/min, if we try to do a retention lock, the pressure would be so high. The new column is the same model as the… (Show more)
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Click to view contentAgilent Support Insights   This Information Applies To: All GCs, 6890, 6850, 7890, 7820, 8890 and 8860    Content:This article is a troubleshooting guide for when the Flame Ionization Detector (FID) does not ignite, or the flame keeps going out.   Cause: If the FID is having ignition issues, it is due to the following causes: FID temperature: is…
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How can I remove a liner which sticks in the inlet? I already removed the O ring, but the glass part still sticks.
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Hi all, I want to install 7693a injector  on the 6890A GC. what should be the minimum gc firmware and minimum software platform requirment?   current configration : gc firmaware is a.03.08 gc software is B.04.03 (87)
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