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Gas Chromatography

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I seem to have inadvertently altered my method and don't have a record of what the pressure & flow should be set at for the inlet, column, and detector.   I am using a 30 m .53 mmID, 1.0 um Capillary Column and a splitless inlet.   What should my pressures and flows be set to?   Thank you, Brenda Haas
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Good Morning, Just setup a 7890B GC with Empower 3 for the CDS Built an instrument method to use both the front and back injection ports. I have a 6890N with front and back FID that we run a lot of samples on so this isn't a new method development. + So entering samples in the sample set, unlike with the 6890N, I cannot enter "F" or "B" to… (Show more)
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Hi, The split vent line has recently been cleaned on our GC (7890B model) and I believe since then the inlet pressure has been unable to reach set point (pressure is below 1psi – a major leakage!). I was wondering if an improperly installed split vent line can cause such problems? We use split mode in our GC operations. I will go through and… (Show more)
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I would like to begin using the Gas Saver function on my GC 6890 / G1888 system. Manuals state to ensure that the saver time is after the injection time, but I want to make sure I select the correct injection time. How might I find this time?   Thank you
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Hi all!   I have not had the opportunity to train on our Intuvo because I can't login.  Any suggestions would be helpful.
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Since moving from my last university, my 3396 recorder always gives the error "P/P ERRO" before beginning to plot the chromatogram. It does the plot fine, but every time I hit "start" I get the same errior before it begins the plot. Does anyone know why?
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Click to view contentWe are having trouble with the extreme humidity in our Lab and have noticed changes in area counts for Alcohols (Area counts increasing with Increasing Humidity). Environment specs stated by Agilent is below 80%. Our Humidity levels have large fluctuations from our System suit run to when the Sample set is ran. The HVAC system is currently being… (Show more)
in Gas Chromatography
I have a 7890 with a 5975 MSD and an AtomxXYZ purge and trap (Tekmar) interfaced to the front injection port. I have run dozens of samples using a pulsed split method. The split is 1:1 and the pulse is 50 psi for 10 minutes. In the middle of a sequence, the GC lost the ability to maintain the initial inlet pressure before initiating the pulse. In… (Show more)
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Hello.  We have a GC Sampler 80 on our Agilent GCMS, and the sample arm of the Injection Unit has difficulty returning to position after taking up sample.  We have identified the worn elastic cord as a culprit, at least in part.  However I am having difficulty finding this part listed anywhere, or any instructions as to how to replace it.
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Hello Maybe this question be out-of-date for the current time but I will be appreciate for everyone that can help me. I have few Varian CP-3800 GC in our Lab, unfortunately some of them failed to operate because of electrical board part. I requested these board from Agilent, Bruker and Scion but non of them don't support these spare part and… (Show more)
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