• Drug injection fail

    I use XFe96 analyzer but the machine doesn't inject the reagent I loaded in the injection port. Even my wave protocol said it will inject. 
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  • Cell plate back to front?

    It is possible to put in the cell plate back to front for XFe96? So that A1 is H12?
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  • wave software needs an instrument for analysis?

    Hi everyone,   I want to analyze seahorse data files using another computer than the one connected to the instrument. usually, this was never a problem. but now, using a new computer, the wave software tells me ...
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  • I have a display on my Agilent XFp Seahorse analyzer that says: Access to 'C:\ProgramData\Seahorse BIioscience.Inc\Seahorse Wave\Data\intrumentConfiguration.xml'is denied. Can anyone please advise or assist resolve this problem?

    I also can not see the Temperature reading nor can I press play to open the set-up page
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  • Buffer Factor Calculator report generator?

    Hi, Where can I find the Buffer Factor Calculator report generator for the Seahorse platform? This is referenced in the Buffer Factor protocol as a file to download from the site under report generator. I can't find i...
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  • seahorse problems

    Hi, we aregenerating adipocytes from human pluripotent stem cells but we face some problems with the masure of the oxygen consumption because our cells do not grow in monolayers but in multiple layers. The thing is th...
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  • Purity of isolated monocytes for Seahorse analysis

    I am planning to isolate monocytes for Seahorse analysis and wondering wich isolation method to use, and is the purity of the isolated monocytes of importance when doing Seahorse ?
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