• Herculase Buffer composition

    I am using your product Herculase II Fusion DNA poolymerase for PCR, I need to proceed with a protocol for a mutation detection kit. In order to proceed with the appropriate protocol, I need to know the information of...
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  • Mx3000P additional peak

    Hi, My customer increased the primer concentration and got an additional peak (marked with the red square below) near the main peak. Would you kindly let me know what is the possible reason? Please see the image belo...
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  • Our New AriaMx realtime PCR machine, one plate need to run two times

    We just buy a AriaMx realtime machine.  We run the b-actin with SYBR 2X mixture we used before in a ABI machine. The realtime RT-PCR using the protocol 95C 2min, 95C 5seconds and 60C 30 seconds. No signal in the ...
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  • What is the difference between Brilliant II SYBR Green MAster mix and Brilliant III, which one is better?

    I am planning to purchase SYBR Green Master Mix for qRT-PCR. Which one is better ?
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  • system-error ID:268 machine Ariax Max Real-Time PCR System. comment ressoudre ce problèm s'il vous plait. Merci et bonjour à tous.

    J'ai une machine Ariax Max Real-Time PCR System qui refuse de se connecter au PC qui lui est assigne et affiche ce message la system error . contact  Agilent for assistance.
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  • Is it possible to use R0480 for ELISA?

    Is it possible to use R0480 for ELISA?
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  • Join the Agilent Biopharma Influencers Community!

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  • MxPro-Mx3000p instrumental error

    Dear All I am using Mx3000p qPCR, It gives the following error "The thermal blocks or sample cover not reaching the set temperature", How I could solve it this error, thanks in advance. Teme
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  • Agilent Webinars Digest

    To be alerted via email of upcoming Agilent webinars and receive links to recordings, make sure to subscribe to the Webinar Notifications area in the Agilent Community.
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  • Primer for miRNA

    How to design specific Forward primer for miRNA (for miRNA QRT-PCR Detection Kit)?   Mentioned in the protocol: miRNA QRT-PCR Detection Kit www.genomics.agilent.com/files/LitItems/miRNA_primer_design_...
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  • How can a C≡C bond change the shift downfield?

    I took a 1H-NMR spectra of 1,4-bis(trimethylsilyl)- buta-1,3-diyne. Because there are triple bonds present, i expected for the protons of the methyl groups to be slightly shifted upfield, relative to TMS. But instead ...
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  • Collection of Bioreagents Resources

    Here is a "best of" collection of links to manuals and tools for Genomics (reagents and kits). For other instruments refer to Collection of Support Documents     Collection of Bioreagents Resources   ...
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  • RevoverEase protocol versionD questions

    Hi Tech support team, We have received some questions regarding the new protocol of RevoverEase. Could you please tell us the answer? In P5,step 25, “Immediately spin the conical tube containing the dialysis tu...
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  • AriaMx question

    Can the AriaMx be used for dsDNA quantitation? Do we have any application notes to share for the method?
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