• Our New AriaMx realtime PCR machine, one plate need to run two times

    We just buy a AriaMx realtime machine.  We run the b-actin with SYBR 2X mixture we used before in a ABI machine. The realtime RT-PCR using the protocol 95C 2min, 95C 5seconds and 60C 30 seconds. No signal in the ...
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  • What is the difference between Brilliant II SYBR Green MAster mix and Brilliant III, which one is better?

    I am planning to purchase SYBR Green Master Mix for qRT-PCR. Which one is better ?
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  • MxPro-Mx3000p instrumental error

    Dear All I am using Mx3000p qPCR, It gives the following error "The thermal blocks or sample cover not reaching the set temperature", How I could solve it this error, thanks in advance. Teme
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  • Primer for miRNA

    How to design specific Forward primer for miRNA (for miRNA QRT-PCR Detection Kit)?   Mentioned in the protocol: miRNA QRT-PCR Detection Kit www.genomics.agilent.com/files/LitItems/miRNA_primer_design_...
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  • AriaMx question

    Can the AriaMx be used for dsDNA quantitation? Do we have any application notes to share for the method?
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