• Liquid Sample Introduction Pre-Run Check

    Hi, Just out of curiosity would someone be able to answer the following question in relation to an Agilent 7900 ICP-MS. I know the correct way to secure the peri-pump tubing to the peristaltic pump i.e. drain line on...
    created by edta
  • Replacement of Penning Guage

    Greetings All,   I have a 7700 ICP-MS and on startup received the error #1122 Penning Gauge malfunction.  I did try to eliminate any dust in the gauge by loosening the vent value to introduce air then resta...
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  • Dllinstall Error2: Cannot load library

    Greetings,   I am running a 7700 ICP-MS with MassHunter version B.01.01 on Vista with Service Pack 1, Firmware: Smartcard:3.3.23 Build #34 and Z80: C.02.00 Build #029.   I am unable to boot the instrument ...
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  • ICP – EOS 725 Radial

    Hello, I need help, what model number HVAC in ICP – EOS 725 Radial, I don't found in manual. HVAC - heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. This system cooling control hf block. &...
    created by a.fedulova
  • Na pollution

    Can't reduce of Na. Agilent 7900 (pump - off, spray carrier gas - off) reads 1,000,000 cps! Burner, spray chambers and 1 cone is a cleaned. Changing (up) the carrier gas - incre...
    created by dp44
  • Gas Dilution HMI (ICP-MS).

    I use Agilent 7900 and gas dilution HMI-8 and HMI-25. The device automatically changes the Power and Sample depth. I expect to get a sample dilution of 8 and 25 times. This is not happening. Actually dilution is less....
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  • AA Nickel absorption issues

    I have a AA 240FS.  I am having trouble getting a good absorption signal for one metal Nickel.  My other metals seem okay. Is there something I can do to optimize for Nickel absorption. I co not even get a g...
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  • Motor Mount for 700 ICP OES Peri Pump

    Because it is 4pm on a Friday, the rubber supports that attach the drive motor to the peri-pump have fell apart on my 700 ICP OES. Would anyone happen to have replacement order number for the supports for the mot...
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  • Waveguide temperature error in MP-AES 4200

    A customer has the MP-AES 4200 for soil analysis but recently started to have a problem with the ignition of the plasma or keeping the plasma on. The customer reported that was a problem with the exhaust system or the...
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  • Determine heavy metal using ICP-OES

    Hello, anyone here know about how to determine heavy metal (Pb,Cd,As,Hg,Sn) in dairy product by using ICP-OES with microwave digestion? i used to determine the sample with axial view, but the linearity just didnt meet...
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  • Is it possible to use DMF as a diluent in ICP-OES? MartyS

    Our customer is analyzing Cisplatin dissolved in 40% DMF +1% aqueous HCl by ICP-OES. Does the use of DMF in the diluent affect ICP plasma? Marty S
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  • Calibration Curve Linearity Issues - Sodium

    Hi, I'm doing so multi-element development work, constructing calibration curves for Fe, Zn, Mg, P, K, Ca, Na at different ranges. I have been using a home made multi-element standard for this work. I've been dividing...
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  • My problem is testing CaCO3 for Ca on the AA, my results for other feed products are right wher they should be, but the CaCO3 is testing 3-4% lower. Any ideas why this is happening?

    At my lab we test animal feed. We test for Ca, Na and Mn on the AA. For most digests we use the MARS with nitric. To digest the CaCO3 we use 1:1 solution of HCL. Our other Ca results are where they belong and our...
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  • Power recycle-ICP-MS 7900

    Hi there,  could someone please talk me through the power recycle for the MS 7900? I couldn't find that on the manual and I've gotten stuck a few times after power outages and other issues at the lab I work at.&...
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  • O nebulizador OneNeb 2 é compatível com o ICP OES Varian Vista-MPX?

    Olá a todos,  Desejo saber se o nebulizador OneNeb2 é compatível com o ICP OES Vista MPX, pois tenho o interesse de substituir o de vidro por ele. Obrigado, Ezequiel
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  • High Concentration calculations on Na when the signal intensity for the sample is higher than the blank?

    Hi all -   I am very new the ICP-OES analysis and I am very confused by the values that the Agilent software is calculating. I prepare samples with a 100 fold dilution (I am running in organic solvent not aqueou...
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  • ICP-MS manual tuning

    I could use some resources on manual tuning for ICP-MS systems. I'm a relatively new user, and I'm disappointed at the seeming lack of useful information available through Masshunter Help, Agilent user manuals, or o...
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  • P/A Factor what it it is?

    Hi, I am new to ICP-MS, can you please explain to me what P/A factor stands for?
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  • Si issue on ICPMS

    I'm trying to analyze Si through ICPMS, the calibration is OK most of the time but the value I get is not matching the specification we expect. Does anyone have a similar issue about it? Or is there any specific hits ...
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  • Frozen spray chamber

    Dear all. i found that spray chamber was frozen and the chiller's temp was 20.  could you tell me why the spray chamber was frozen ??? Model : ICP-MS 7900     symptom :  The vent line was not corr...
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