• Calibration Curve Linearity Issues - Sodium

    Hi, I'm doing so multi-element development work, constructing calibration curves for Fe, Zn, Mg, P, K, Ca, Na at different ranges. I have been using a home made multi-element standard for this work. I've been dividing...
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  • Low Sensitivity Issues During Tuning

    We have a 7900 ICP-MS and just experienced a sensitivity issue when we were attempting to conduct a performance tune. We received the error (shown in the picture attached):    "Hot Plasma correction failed ...
    created by dpigeaud
  • ICP-MS 7700x Error:1212

      Hi.    After the icp-ms device has been working in the plasma on position for 15-20 minutes, it gives Error: 1212 and Error: 1233 error. Forward power and refleckted power values constantly...
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  • The Argon Atomic Mass flow controller for a 7900 ICPMS is it a common part to break??

    We replaced the Argon Atomic Mass Flow Controller for a 7900 ICPMS in September of 2018 and now the same part has broken again.  Is this a common part to break or have any others had issues with this part breakin...
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  • How to edit the SpectrAA 5.5 exported result report layout?

    QUESTION: What is the file name and where is it located that I can design the exported SpectrAA 5.5 result report layout?   Details I currently use SpectrAA Ver 5.2 software on one Zeeman 280 instrument. I hav...
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  • high silver 7500

    Hello,   We have been seeing a very high background for silver during analysis. Instrument is a Agilent 7500 ICP-MS with chemstation. The instrument has has a lot of troubleshooting/maintenance and some of the t...
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  • ICP-MS manual tuning

    I could use some resources on manual tuning for ICP-MS systems. I'm a relatively new user, and I'm disappointed at the seeming lack of useful information available through Masshunter Help, Agilent user manuals, or o...
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  • Tuning at high amu transitions in O2 mode on 8900

    Hi,   We're trying to develop a method for Pu analysis on our 8900 instrument (measuring the dioxide transitions 239->271 and 240->272) and would like to tune at higher mass transitions in O2 mode but we c...
    created by ellha
  • Can running in Helium mode help pick up Pb in single digit ppb on our 7500ce ICP-MS?

    In nogas mode, our standards with Pb don't pick up the correct concentration at one and five ppb (about half).  Arsenic, cadmium, and Mercury yield the correct concentrations.  Any suggestions on how to get ...
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  • ICP-OES Sensitivity Check

    Hi,   Does someone have experience in creating a sensitivity check on an Agilent ICP-OES VDV 5100? By a 'Sensitivity Check' i mean, a simple test where one would analyse a 5 ppm pure multi-element stan...
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  • Calculating SRBR for .csv spectra

    Hi Agilent Community, I ran a factorial design to find optimal instrument (MP-AES) parameters for analyzing my samples and I would like to know what specific procedure/function is used to determine signal-to-root-ba...
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  • High Energy Helium

    Hi,   I use an Agilent 7900 ICP-MS and I have a few questions that some of you maybe to answer. How does HEhe mode differ from He mode? Is it that in HEhe mode the ions / polyatomics are given more kinetic energ...
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  • Please suggest procedure of determining the LOQ for ICP MS 7800.

    Hello Can anybody please suggest the simplest possible procedure of determining the Limit of Quantitation for ICP MS 7800. Thank you Mikhail Kursky
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  • 7900 ICP-MS P/A Tune

    Hi everybody,   When you are running the P/A tuning solution on the 7900 ICP-MS do you select all the masses in the P/A tune solution or do you just use the masses form the method that you are using.   Tha...
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  • ICP expert "OpenWorksheetFailed" error

    I cannot open ICP expert data from another Agilent ICPOES loaded from a flash drive. I receive a "Open Worksheet Failure" message. Windows will recognize the data as a .esws file.  I have tried cycling the s...
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  • What is the maximum firing limit of a graphite tube of AAS?

    During analysis with AAS Furnace could not understand when the graphite tube needs to be replaced.  Tube fault in running sequence interrupted the analysis which causes laboratory incidents. if the graphite tube ...
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  • Atomic Absorbance problem in Spectrophotomerer  280Z AA

    Atomic Absorbance Spectrophotomerer (Agilent Company, USA) with the Model of 280Z AA., some problems as I told before. We cleaned the furnace, Graphite and Optical lenses. When we run the Arsenic heavy metals, for bla...
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  • Assistance for electrode clean in atomic absorption 280Z AA

    Good morning                          Hi friends, I changed new graphite And did tube cleaning but still I have a absorbance problem in 280ZAA machine. ...
    created by bala
  • Agilent Autosampler SPS4 driver issue

    Hi, we have a new Auto sampler SPS4 to be used with ICP-OES instrument (ICP Expert II Agilent 725-ES v2.0). The issue is that when connect it to computer, the driver is not installing and the instrument is not f...
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  • agilent atomic absorption 280Z AA

    hi i have problem in agilent atomic absorption machine , absoption rseult value showing on -(negative) lamp  is new one graphite also new one, arsenic result only showing in negative values , what was the problem...
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