• ICP-MS Mass Hunter - Error Standart Lens Tune

    ICP-MS Mass Hunter 4.1. I can not Starup Standart Lens Tune! The message appears "Failed to add Startup/Hardware tasks to Queue; Enter path for batch folder". As usual (my Batchs)- everything works.
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  • No peak detected error-F9329 (Agilent 240FS AA)

    Hello, all of the communities,    We have an issue that related to no peak detected error in the Agilent 240FS AA instrument. Based on the suggestion that is described at help window, we have exchanged the ...
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  • ICP-MS tc99

    Looking for information about the best Tc99 method setup on ICP-MS 8900 QQQ. Currently using He mode to eliminate CoAr,NiCl,ZnCl and Mo interferences. Could O2 be used to oxidize the interferences, resulting in f...
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  • MP-AES auto - background correction feature

    Hi everyone in the community,  While I was performing an analysis with the MP-AES I noticed that the linearity of my calibration curve for zinc was quite high (R=0.997) when I used the auto background correction ...
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