• Troubleshooting ICP-OES and ICP-MS Chillers (G3292A and G8481A)

    Agilent Support Engineer Insights   This Information Applies To: Agilent G3292A and G8481A Chillers used on ICP-OES and ICP-MS instruments   When experiencing issues with your Agilent chiller, please tr...
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  • Maintaining the Axial Pre-Optic Window

    Agilent Support Engineer Insights   This Information Applies To: Agilent 5100, 5110, 5800, 5900 ICPOES   Issue: The axial pre-optic window needs to be checked from time to time to ensure it is clean. &#...
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  • Timeout in plasma controller state operations (State 7)

    My Agilent 5110v ICP-OES returns an error message "Timeout in plasma controller state operations (State 7)"  or "ErrorNumber_PLASMA_CTRL_BASE_STATE_TIMEOUT" and the plasma fails to lit. Please, what how do I fix ...
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  • Assistance for electrode clean in atomic absorption 280Z AA

    Good morning                          Hi friends, I changed new graphite And did tube cleaning but still I have a absorbance problem in 280ZAA machine. ...
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  • Calibration Curve Linearity Issues - Sodium

    Hi, I'm doing so multi-element development work, constructing calibration curves for Fe, Zn, Mg, P, K, Ca, Na at different ranges. I have been using a home made multi-element standard for this work. I've been dividing...
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  • ICP-OES Sensitivity Check

    Hi,   Does someone have experience in creating a sensitivity check on an Agilent ICP-OES VDV 5100? By a 'Sensitivity Check' i mean, a simple test where one would analyse a 5 ppm pure multi-element stan...
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  • ICP expert "OpenWorksheetFailed" error

    I cannot open ICP expert data from another Agilent ICPOES loaded from a flash drive. I receive a "Open Worksheet Failure" message. Windows will recognize the data as a .esws file.  I have tried cycling the s...
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  • Atomic Absorbance problem in Spectrophotomerer  280Z AA

    Atomic Absorbance Spectrophotomerer (Agilent Company, USA) with the Model of 280Z AA., some problems as I told before. We cleaned the furnace, Graphite and Optical lenses. When we run the Arsenic heavy metals, for bla...
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  • Intelliquant Set up

    Hi,   1.  How do I update intelliQuant calibration on my ICP-OES using only standard #1, #2, #3?  Is it in Full Quant template or Intelliquant Screening template?   2.  What concentration shou...
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  • How to use surfactant in diluent

    I am diluting liquid samples in H2O with 2% Nitric 0.5 %Hydrochloric acid. However, they are not evenly going into diluent. Perhaps surfactant will help. I would appreciate any suggestions which surfactant and how muc...
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  • Long-term shutdown of Vista/700 Series ICPOES instruments and Eventual Start-up

    Shutting Down Vista/700 Series Instrument for a Lengthy Period of Time: Turn the peristaltic pump on, and pump all liquid from the sample lines, nebulizer and spray chamber. Ensure you pump all the liquid out of the ...
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  • Varian 720 torch ignition failure

    Get a WS asynchronous error : F F60304 The torch ignition has failed when starting a Varian 720 OES The torch lights and stays on for about 5 seconds then shuts down with this error. I can not find reference in the ...
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  • Peltier temperature -90°C

    Hi, We have a Agilent 5110 ICP-OES and when we started up the instrument, several times the temperature of polychromator´s peltier reach -90°C. In the technical consult the engineer say that the problem cou...
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  • ICP-OES new demountable torch

    Hi community! ICP-OES new demountable torch: G8020-68002 Easy-fit Fully Demount Torch Kit Org 1.4 G8020-68003 Easy-fit Fully Demount Torch Kit, Inert G8020-68004 Easy-fit Fully Demount Torch Kit, Hi TDS G8020-680...
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  • IntelliQuant Calibration Issue - ICP-OES 5100

    Hi, I've updated the intelliQuant calibration on my ICP-OES using only standard #1 as that is all I require using my normal measurement conditions and sample diluent, witjh a standard concentration of 5 ppm in both A...
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  • IntelliQuant Calibration Query - ICP-OES 5100

    Hi, I am going to update the calibration on my 5100 ICP-OES for the IntelliQuant feature using Solution #1 only as its all thats required for me.   Should I dilute the IntelliQuant standard in the diluent I wou...
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  • New Rational Curve - ICP-OES

    Hi,   I would like to know more information about the New Rational curve option available on the ICP-Expert software for the 5100 ICP-OES. I have a general understanding that New Rational is a combination of a L...
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  • Durable neblizer for high salt solution

    Hi all,   Our lab is using Agilent sea spray nebulizer for Agilent 5110. During our routine analysis for high salt samples, we have encountered sudden surge of the neblizer pressure and dropping of internal...
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  • MSIS KIT - hydride generation spray chamber

    Dear all, I am applying hydride generation for arsenic determination using ICP-OES 5110 in some Pharma products and recently my spray chamber (part number no.G8000-63003) got clogged due to salt deposition (main...
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  • ICP Expert software: Can a calibration be inserted into a run during the run?

    Hello,   Is there a way to arbitrarily insert a calibration in the middle of a run? The nature of our analysis is basically running discrete samples as part of a run over the course of a few days. Like any analy...
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