• Assistance for electrode clean in atomic absorption 280Z AA

    Good morning                          Hi friends, I changed new graphite And did tube cleaning but still I have a absorbance problem in 280ZAA machine. ...
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  • Low Sensitivity Issues During Tuning

    We have a 7900 ICP-MS and just experienced a sensitivity issue when we were attempting to conduct a performance tune. We received the error (shown in the picture attached):    "Hot Plasma correction failed ...
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  • ICP-MS 7700x Error:1212

      Hi.    After the icp-ms device has been working in the plasma on position for 15-20 minutes, it gives Error: 1212 and Error: 1233 error. Forward power and refleckted power values constantly...
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  • high silver 7500

    Hello,   We have been seeing a very high background for silver during analysis. Instrument is a Agilent 7500 ICP-MS with chemstation. The instrument has has a lot of troubleshooting/maintenance and some of the t...
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  • Atomic Absorbance problem in Spectrophotomerer  280Z AA

    Atomic Absorbance Spectrophotomerer (Agilent Company, USA) with the Model of 280Z AA., some problems as I told before. We cleaned the furnace, Graphite and Optical lenses. When we run the Arsenic heavy metals, for bla...
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  • Can running in Helium mode help pick up Pb in single digit ppb on our 7500ce ICP-MS?

    In nogas mode, our standards with Pb don't pick up the correct concentration at one and five ppb (about half).  Arsenic, cadmium, and Mercury yield the correct concentrations.  Any suggestions on how to get ...
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  • How to use surfactant in diluent

    I am diluting liquid samples in H2O with 2% Nitric 0.5 %Hydrochloric acid. However, they are not evenly going into diluent. Perhaps surfactant will help. I would appreciate any suggestions which surfactant and how muc...
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  • OLSS Control panel login Issue

    Dear  All,   I am having login issues in the control panel of the OLSS, I am using a ICPMS 7800,  while login to the control panel the error of change password is popping up now and then it's an incons...
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  • I need to validate the ICP-MS method for E-liquid.

    I need to validate the ICP-MS method for E-liquid. Looking for suggestions or application notes for what to include in the validation and what FDA requires these days. Please help.   Mikhail Kursky
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  • Please suggest procedure of determining the LOQ for ICP MS 7800.

    Hello Can anybody please suggest the simplest possible procedure of determining the Limit of Quantitation for ICP MS 7800. Thank you Mikhail Kursky
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  • Difference between Low, General & High matrix methods in ICP-MS (7900)

    Hi Team,   We have an ICP-MS model 7900 operating with MassHunter software. While creating the batch, we have to choose Low / General / High matrix purpose.   I would like to know what is the difference be...
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  • SemiQuant not corrected

    What is the reason for not corrected SemiQuant analysis. Standards are defined in the method for SemiQuant. But the SemiQuant window Output Always says "not corrected". The choise for "advanced Parameter" is hooked. ...
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  • Instructions for Long-term shut down of ICP-MS instruments

    Due to the ongoing COVID-19 issue and possibility that your ICPMS instrument needs to be shut down for a lengthy period of time here is a procedure to follow:  written by Carla Riboczi ICPMS Shut Down Procedure T...
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  • quality control drift

    significant drift in quality control result during the analysis,performed quality control every ten samples.anyone can give insight.thanks
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  • Unstable ISTD only in no-gas Mode

    The ISTD of my 7700 is fluctuating immense but only in no-gas mode, in He-mode is everything fine with the stability-graph. I have a recovery from about 20 to 180% with all 3 ISTD’s (Sc,In,Lu), they have th...
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  • What is the typical ISTD Recovery Outlier Setting Range and what do you do when the ISTD is outside that range for one of your samples?

    We have currently set the ISTD Recovery % range to 80% to 120% on our ICP-MS.  For some of our samples this range is exceeded.  Should we dilute the sample and rerun it?  Can we switch the ISTD to anoth...
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  • RSD is Bad

    What is the Reason if the RSD is Bad? 2 month ago, the RSD was under 5% . Today the RSD is up to 20% especilly for Boron. Tubes Changed 4 weeks ago.
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  • 7900 pause in batch sampler position

    After a sample is completed, there is an "automatic" rinse done at cups 1 and 2. If we have a pause in the batch then the sample probe sits in cup 2.  We would like for it to go to the home position then pause. &...
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  • Optimization for Na and K on ICP-MS

    So this is a broad question looking for resources.  I have been tasked with developing a ICP-MS method to test for low levels of Na and K (PQL of 1 ppm each).  I believe the easiest way to obtain these lower...
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  • Autotune Specifications for 7900 ICP-MS

    I am trying to find information on setting specifications for the autotunes for He and H2 modes for a 7900 ICP-MS. I have found specifications from agilent for the no gas mode. I am trying to figure out what type of r...
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