• Troubleshooting and Maintenance of AA Systems: Part 1 - Hollow Cathode Lamps

    Agilent Support Engineer Insights   This Information Applies To: All Agilent AA systems: 55B, 240FS, 280FS, 240Z, 280Z   Issue: It is important to maintain your atomic absorption system and troubleshoo...
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  • Problems with Lamps in atomic absorption 280FS

    Hello all, I have blinking lamps problems in 280FS machine (all lamp positions). I have changed Mainboard and power supply but can not solve the problem. Does someone have any experience with this issue?   ...
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  • Alignment of the Sample Probe - PSD 120

    Agilent Support Engineer Insights   This Information Applies To: Agilent GTA 120, Agilent 240Z AA Spectrometer, Agilent 280Z AA Spectrometer, Agilent 240FS/GTA120/PSD120/UltrAA System   Issue: It i...
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  • No peak detected error-F9329 (Agilent 240FS AA)

    Hello, all of the communities,    We have an issue that related to no peak detected error in the Agilent 240FS AA instrument. Based on the suggestion that is described at help window, we have exchanged the ...
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  • Assistance for electrode clean in atomic absorption 280Z AA

    Good morning                          Hi friends, I changed new graphite And did tube cleaning but still I have a absorbance problem in 280ZAA machine. ...
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  • What is the maximum firing limit of a graphite tube of AAS?

    During analysis with AAS Furnace could not understand when the graphite tube needs to be replaced.  Tube fault in running sequence interrupted the analysis which causes laboratory incidents. if the graphite tube ...
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  • Atomic Absorbance problem in Spectrophotomerer  280Z AA

    Atomic Absorbance Spectrophotomerer (Agilent Company, USA) with the Model of 280Z AA., some problems as I told before. We cleaned the furnace, Graphite and Optical lenses. When we run the Arsenic heavy metals, for bla...
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  • Collection of AAS & MP-AES Resources

    Here is a "best of" collection of links to manuals and tools for Atomic Spectroscopy Products AAS and MP-AES. For other instruments refer to Collection of Support Documents   Collection of AAS & MP-AES Reso...
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  • Hollow Cathode Lamps

    Hi community! How do we dispose (utilize) of lamps?   Thanks!
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  • Hollow Cathode Lamps

    Hi community, which storage temperature for hollow cathode lamps, and other storage conditions?   Thanks!
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  • Uncoded single element hollow cathode lamp

    Hi community, Help me please, uncoded single element lamps Agilent fit for PG Instruments.  These lamps meet the requirements: Power type continuous current Lamps come with a guaranteed lifetime of...
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  • Changing Element Name on REPORT

    I am looking for a way in which to change the element Label within a report. Our LIMS system cannot accept the same start point with a different end point: Eg. Au - AU       Au - AUT15 "Au" is the elem...
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  • How calculate Photometric Noise in SpectrAA Software?

    Hello,   I would like to know how calculate the Photometric Noise in Atomic Absorption 240FS using a SpectrAA software? I saw tjis information in  EQP AA.01.03, but doesn´t have sufficinte information...
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  • Basic Identification of Gas Box Type in AAS instrument for New Customers

    Hi Reader,   Although All Agilent Atomic spectroscopy trained CEs would be knowing about how to identify Gas box type in AAS instrument. Here The attached PPT or image can be shared with Customers. This will he...
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