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Hi, I'm doing so multi-element development work, constructing calibration curves for Fe, Zn, Mg, P, K, Ca, Na at different ranges. I have been using a home made multi-element standard for this work. I've been dividing the elements into groups based on their calibration ranges. So my process is I form the calibration curves, rerun some standards as… (Show more)
in Atomic Spectroscopy
We have a 7900 ICP-MS and just experienced a sensitivity issue when we were attempting to conduct a performance tune. We received the error (shown in the picture attached):    "Hot Plasma correction failed because sensitivity is too low (140 u below 3000 cps). Ensure the tune solution is being introduced into the instrument. Check the sample… (Show more)
in Atomic Spectroscopy
  Hi.    After the icp-ms device has been working in the plasma on position for 15-20 minutes, it gives Error: 1212 and Error: 1233 error. Forward power and refleckted power values constantly vary.    After turning the icp-ms device into the shut down position, everything turns back to normal after removing all electrical connections and… (Show more)
in Atomic Spectroscopy
We replaced the Argon Atomic Mass Flow Controller for a 7900 ICPMS in September of 2018 and now the same part has broken again.  Is this a common part to break or have any others had issues with this part breaking as well??  Are there any tips to get this part to last longer?? Thanks
in Atomic Spectroscopy
QUESTION: What is the file name and where is it located that I can design the exported SpectrAA 5.5 result report layout?   Details I currently use SpectrAA Ver 5.2 software on one Zeeman 280 instrument. I have just received and installed SpectrAA Ver 5.5 software on another Zeeman 280 instrument. The Ver 5.2 exports results as a prn file… (Show more)
in Atomic Spectroscopy
Hello,   We have been seeing a very high background for silver during analysis. Instrument is a Agilent 7500 ICP-MS with chemstation. The instrument has has a lot of troubleshooting/maintenance and some of the things done include general cleaning ( nebulizer, spray chamber, torch, cones), also put in service new cones, new torch , new o-ring,… (Show more)
in Atomic Spectroscopy
I could use some resources on manual tuning for ICP-MS systems. I'm a relatively new user, and I'm disappointed at the seeming lack of useful information available through Masshunter Help, Agilent user manuals, or online.    Specifically, I'm looking for resources pertaining to how lenses, plasma settings, and various other tune parameters … (Show more)
in Atomic Spectroscopy
Hi,   We're trying to develop a method for Pu analysis on our 8900 instrument (measuring the dioxide transitions 239->271 and 240->272) and would like to tune at higher mass transitions in O2 mode but we can only go up to 260 in the auto tune acquisition parameters (MassHunter 4.3 Version C.01.03 Build 505.16 Patch 3). Is it possible to set auto… (Show more)
in Atomic Spectroscopy
Hi Agilent Community, I ran a factorial design to find optimal instrument (MP-AES) parameters for analyzing my samples and I would like to know what specific procedure/function is used to determine signal-to-root-background ratio when using the 'Optimize' function in MP Expert to determine optimal viewing position and nebulizer flow rate.    I… (Show more)
in Atomic Spectroscopy
Click to view contentHello, all of the communities,    We have an issue that related to no peak detected error in the Agilent 240FS AA instrument. Based on the suggestion that is described at help window, we have exchanged the hollow cathode lamps several times and used various concentrated solutions.  However, we could not able to do the optics calibration that is… (Show more)
in Atomic Spectroscopy
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