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The Agilent Community is the best place to collaborate with others about applications, discuss Agilent products, and find in-depth documents and videos relevant to Agilent technologies. Members of this community have a genuine interest in Agilent products, keeping conversations relevant to you. Currently the community is focused on certain technologies (GC, GC/MS, LC, LC/MS, software, consumables, and sample preparation), and certain application areas.



The Agilent Community helps develop and maintain professional relationships among colleagues, both outside and inside Agilent, by providing mutual support. Think of the Community like a scientific conference or a similar gathering, where professionals gather and discuss their work, both seeking and providing help. Conversations begun at a conference, on a site visit, or on a support call, may be carried on here, where they may be illustrated, annotated, supplemented, and shared for others' benefit.



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The Agilent Community is organized with a relatively flat structure, containing areas that are visible to the public.










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