• How to develop SIM method for 50 ions in Agilent 7890-5977A?

    Hi, I am using Agilent 7890 with 5977A mass spectrometer. I am trying to develop a SIM method for 50 ions. But, it is showing that I can not do it as it exceeds more than 20 ions. Can you suggest me how can I do it? I...
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  • Method development of Monomethylamine Content by GC-FID

    I want to develop the monomethylamine content method by GC in one of my API which is hydrochloride salt. and Monomethylamine is itself 25% solution in Methanol. Please suggest.
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  • My C16:0 GC standard keeps showing two peaks where there should only be one

    I'm writing an assignment on fatty acids in Chia seed oil, and to that i'm using GC But when i try to identify the 5 components (C16:0, C18:0, C18:1, C18:2, C18:3) it keeps showing an extra peak that shouldn't be the...
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  • The perfect report

    Hello Everyone,   I wondering how to create the perfect report.   I created 1 report which is good for our ISTD calculation. I tweaked the positions of the positions and added al necessary data. Actually ...
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