• Does anyone currently run FERN-CHE.0006.01

    I'm just beginning this GC-MS method and I jsut wanted to send out a flyer to anyone who may have had any issues or changes made to this method.  Specifically, I was wondering if anyone had a different technique ...
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  • ICP-MS PA Tune

    Hi Everyone I am working on the 7800 ICP-MS. I have few questions related to PA tune. 1. How do one run this PA tune/ 2. Do I have to dilute it?   Thanks
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  • Anyone using the Enhanced Matrix Removal – Lipid kits

    I am looking to try using the Enhanced Matrix Removal – Lipid kits to prepare Vegetable and Fish Oil samples for PAH testing via GC.  Looking for anyone who has used these for advice. Agilent | Enhanced Ma...
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  • MP-AES 4210: cleaning the torch

    Hello, We use the MP-AES-4210 to measure Cu and Fe in wine. I need to clean the torch but i would like to know if it can be done with a different solution than the Aqua Regia solution? Thanks
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  • Improvements in the measurement of chlorophylloids in soybean oil (Litin and Brooks, Fall ACS 2015)

    Presented at the Fall 2015 ACS Meeting. by alitin and David D. Brooks Innovation Center, Oil-Dri Coporation of America, Vernon Hills, IL 60061   An improved procedure using HPLC with fluorescence detection fo...
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  • A New Approach to the Analysis of Chlorinated Paraffins by GC/Q-TOF (ASMS 2015, Gao et al.)

    Presented as the 2015 meeting of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry (ASMS) meeting. by Wei Gao(1) , Yawei Wang(1) , Wenwen Wang(2) (1): Research Center for EcoEnvironmental Sciences, Beijing, China; (2) Agi...
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