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Hi, can anybody help me out by providing HPLC method of analysis for mancozeb fungicide? CIPAC method is available but that is titration method which is very laborious and chances of error are more due to use of many reagents and solutions.   Best Regards   Rafique
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Hello, I was looking at a post on the forum regarding "Flavors Retention Time Locked Database" from a few years ago. The referenced support document "Analysis of Essential Oil Compounds Using Retention Time Locked Methods and Retention Time Databases" (May 1, 2002 5988-6530EN) explains that a combined RT and MS library screener database is… (Show more)
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Dear Researchers I am Rizwan (Ph.D. scholar), researching the area of Fruit biochemistry and post-harvest preservation, As i am new in the field of GC MS, (as i want to do the experiment about the cuticle wax chemical composition and concentration), I would like to ask some questions about GC MS as i am in it: 1- What criteria should keep in… (Show more)
please suggest any GC method for the separation and identification of THC in Cannabis using FID detector..
I'm just beginning this GC-MS method and I jsut wanted to send out a flyer to anyone who may have had any issues or changes made to this method.  Specifically, I was wondering if anyone had a different technique for pH control.  We are concerned about using the glycine buffer that is mentioned in this and other methods I have seen.   Again, just… (Show more)
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Hello,   I got the USP Residual Solvents test method accredited.  However, the auditor would like to see "validity of results" through proficiency testing, inter-laboratory or intra-laboratory comparison.  No PT s are available.  I don't have a secondary analyst, but I do have two instruments now although one is dedicated for QC and another for… (Show more)
in Food and Agriculture