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Using GC / MS - single quad, with extraction in SPE cartridge. Splitless injection mode HP-5MS UI column (30 m x 0.25 mm x 0.25 µm)
in Environmental Applications
In what scenarios would you adjust split ratio to alter signal level rather than diluting the sample? Obviously it is harder to boost signal by concentrating sample, this question is geared more towards reducing signal when sample signal is too high.   Thanks!
Hi, I am running a 7890A with dual ECD's for multiple methods including 504, 505, 515, 552, 8081, and 8082. We got a super inert splitless injection port and weldment because we were having a lot of Endrin breakdown problems, and it seems to help but not eliminate the Endrin breakdown. I replaced our gas trap in January ( triple trap for oxygen,… (Show more)
in Environmental Applications
Does any one have trouble with the Hexanol Surrogate being low?  We use a 0.32 wax column and have a reasonable amount of baking between samples.   It is low now and then.  So it might be my injector.  But I was wondering if a higher split ratio / maybe no gas saver might help.   Thanks
in Environmental Applications