• I would like to detect pontacyl violet 6R by GCMS. In full scan, i am not getting any peaks by using DB5 column. What is the best derivetization reagent to get the peak in GCMS.

    I would like to detect pontacyl violet 6R by GCMS. In full scan, i am not getting any peaks by using DB5 column. What is the best derivatization reagent to get the peak in GCMS.
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  • Greetings to all, I hope you can help me, I would like to know how I can create a report in which I can add 3 or 4 chromatograms of different injections per sheet.

    Hello everyone, I hope you can help me, I would like to know how can I create a report for the sequence (10 chromatograms) as a single excel file, I have an Agilent GC HP 5890, software: GC chemistation revision:...
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  • What is best way to analyze 10% ethanol solution for residual solvents such as acetonitrile

    I am using an agilent 6890 split splitless injector with a dbwax to analyze 10% ethanol solutions for trace residual solvents such as acetonitrile and dmso.  Due to the massive ethanol peak compared to the other ...
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  • Need GC configuration of EO gas analysis .

    Hi, which configuration would be perfect for analysis of Ethylene oxide  from cylinder gas with 7890B GC? Also EO residual solvents, dry capsule shell(gelatin) residual analysis.   Regards, Md.Raihan kabir
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  • When and  how many internal standards should use for GC MS?

    Dear Researchers I am Rizwan (Ph.D. scholar), researching the area of Fruit biochemistry and post-harvest preservation, As i am new in the field of GC MS, (as i want to do the experiment about the cuticle wax chemic...
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  • What is the best way to analyze light hydrocarbons in Canadian crude?

    Column?   COnditions?   Analyzer?
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  • USP 467 Class 2 mixture C missing from procedure?

    Is there a reason why the preparation for Class 2 mixture C is not included in the procedure? I am wondering if this standard is necessary for residual solvents analysis as per USP <467>? Has anyone attempted to...
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  • Analysis of trace oxygenates in propylene (or gasoline)

    Hi dear community members! I need your valuable thoughts and suggestions on below issue. In the lab, an analyzer for analysis of trace oxygenates in propylene (or gasoline) is installed (SP1 7890-0178 or G3445 Optio...
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  • oil industry 

    Hello ! I have a question on chemicals for the oil industry. there are substances such as: * corrosion inhibitor * thickeners * paraffin remover * demulsifier * flocculant * and other Tell my....how or whic...
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  • Analysis of STR product

    I want to carry on steam reforming of butane. The gas outlet includes H2, CO, CO2,CH4 and hydrocarbons including C2, C3 and C4. What columns should I choose for this experiment?
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  • Refinery GAs Analyzer

    Running a refinery  gas analyzer and getting a lot of variance in the response of all the peaks on the FID.  The TCD channel is very reproducible.  The gas is injected by a valve with a 0.1ml sample loo...
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  • Troubleshooting help on Separation of peaks

    I am currently working on Calibrating a HP 6890 Series GC.  I am newer to GC (limited to college experience).  I ran close to 20 solvents for my full calibration.  Used a series of four for each solvent...
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  • Hello, I'm looking for an up-to-date GC/MS configuration to perform SIM analysis of C23 to C35 biomarkers in crude oil 

    I'm looking to purchases a GC/MS system to be able, via selective ion monitoring, determine the distribution of sterane and triterpane biomarkers in crude oil.     Could anyone recommend a configuratio...
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  • Natural gas analyzer

    Hi ! tell my please... I have this question. There is ISO 6974-6 for the determination of natural gas. Is it possible to do this analysis in one chromatograph? It is necessary to determine He, N2, H2, O2, CH4, as we...
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  • Method for methane/CO2 analysis using HP-PLOT U

    does anyone have/develop a method for method/CO2 analysis using HP-PLOT U column, TCD and helium as a carrier gas?
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  • Ghost ? peaks on GS Oxyplot column

    We recently purchased a GS Oxyplot column based on its reported excellence for separating oxygenated compounds in hydrocarbons streams such as Ethylene, which is required to be of ultra high purity for polymerization ...
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  • Agilent 7890B D5580 Test Method Quantification Issues

    On my D7890B GC I am running test method D5580 for benzene, toluene and total aromatics. A new column was installed about two months following poor quanitifcation of compounds such as benzene and toluene. It has been ...
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  • Poor reproducibility of GC Peak Area due to varying sample loop pressure

    Hello guys,   I use an online GC (7820a, with FID) to analyse the reactor exit gas continuously. The reactor is used for catalyst testing for dehydrogenation of Methylcyclohexane (1 mole) to Toluene (1 mole) and...
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  • More method validation

    I have a question related to my previous question of the last three weeks. To review, I am working on method development for analysis of solvents used in vapor degreasing. My starting solutions are all 99.9% purity. T...
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  • Method for Benzene in Air on 6890N

    I'm looking for a method that would allow me to run benzene in air 1.5ppm and 10ppm standards. I'm using a 6890N GC with a PLOT Q + PT 30m x 0.53 ID x 40um film column. I am manually injecting benzene using a clear B-...
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