Which supplier may produce an allergen kit solution with the new (future) requirement for SCCS/1459/11 on fragrance allergens in cosmetic products

Solution containing 59 allergens.

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    Thank you for posting your question.  I would just like to ask for some clarification on what you are requesting.  Are you looking for a particular standard to run for these allergens in cosmetic products?  Or, are you looking for suggestions on sample preparation before analysis?  Or, are you looking for suggestions on methods to analyze these types of compounds using gas chromatography or liquid chromatography?


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  • Hi Alex,


    I search a supplier able to produce an allergens kit standard at 200ppm level in order to facilitate the preparation of the calibration curve. In the same time which column is able to resolve all compounds even if MS can overtop this issue with selective ions.


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  • Hi Mathieu,


    I would suggest the DB-WAX for this application.  This does depend a little on how you plan on preparing the sample.  The DB-WAX column is the go-to for flavors and fragrances.  It does have its limitations, so the injected matrix will be important. If less volatile components will be present, or surfactants etc, then a column with a bit higher temperature limit will be necessary.  The selectivity will change quite a bit, but a DB-35msUI could potentially do the trick as well.  Do you have a list of the 59 allergens that need to be resolved?  I have seen several applications for allergens, but they only cover ~24 or so.


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